Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer & Facbrication
Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer & Facbrication
Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer & Facbrication in China

Professional Plastic Plexiglass Sheet Manufacturer & Supplier in China

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JC is Committed to Becoming an Acrylic Manufacturer with a Global Reputation Brand

Rich Experienced acrylic sheet manufacturers and processors, providing one-stop service, providing a full range of services from sheet manufacturing, processing, project design, and product shipments to escort your project and make acrylic sheet customization easier.
Competitive Price
Competitive Price
Our price is very competitive which is facilitated by healthy factory operation though we are providing a high standard of services.
Global Export Expertise
Global Export Expertise
Suppliers who have more than 10 years of experience in Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer & Fabrication, as assessed by independent third parties
Professional Equipment
Professional Equipment
We have professional acrylic sheet production and processing equipment because we can serve your project at any time to ensure the success of your project.
Service Support
Service Support
Provide comprehensive, fast and perfect pre-sale and aisle-sale service for customers。
Quick response
Quick response
24 hour quoatation and 5-7 days to make samples.
Customized Design Quantity Acrylic MOQ only 100-1000pcs.
Custom Made
Custom Made
We all kind plastic plexiglass acrylic sheets support custom
Matreial Support
Matreial Support
Quality as the life of enterprise, we choose quality raw materials.

All kinds Of Acrylic Sheet Support Custom Your Project

to support your project and Business, top acrylic sheet customized project so easy
Sail Shaped Blue Tinged Acrylic Trophy

Engraving, Polishing, Logo UV Printing, Informational details that emphasize your company’s brand in all directions.

Plexiglass tray

Environmental Friendly high-quality Clear Acrylic Sheet Supports Custom Size/Print Your Logo

Cartoon Acrylic Stand

Lovely cartoon animation, double layer UV CMYK Printing logo Photo,3mm Acrylic Sheet

Gold Acrylic Birthday Insert

Wholesale Custom Acrylic Cake Insert Thanksgiving Decorating Tool Good Wishes Birthday Decorations

color acrylic box

Wholesale High-Quality Custom Made Plastic Storage Boxes Plexiglass Cubes Small Acrylic Box

Plastic Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

PMM Transparent Plastic Acrylic Supports Cutting Of Different Shapes And Thicknesses

How to control the quality of acrylic sheet?

Acrylic sheet inspection

Acrylic refers to polymethyl methacrylate, a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive properties and mainly used for outdoor or indoor signs in the form of sheets.

In the application industry, its materials are generally in the form of particles, sheets or pipes.

Acrylic sheets have excellent anti-ageing properties and good light transmittance. They are used in construction, medicine, industry, and lighting industries.

Acrylic board testing items: combustion performance testing, thickness testing, ageing performance, environmental performance testing

Test Certificate

We have passed the third-party agency testing and certification, SGS, CE, FC, ISO, FDA, and FSC. Manufactured with 100% virgin materials, quality guaranteed and trustworthy.

The acrylic sheet we manufacture has crystal-like transparency, with a light transmittance of more than 92%, and the acrylic sheet coloured with dye has a good colour development effect. In addition, the acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss, and good high-temperature resistance.

You can request our stock sample for checking and design reference, we will give you the best acrylic solution based on your projects.

JC Plastic Plexiglass Sheet Factory Fabrication

We have a number of experienced equipment operators to support various surface treatments of acrylic sheets, such as engraving, polishing, silk screen printing, splicing and sticking, etc., so as to ensure that your project can be shipped in time and excellent quality assurance.






I have sample order to check the quality?

Yes, the sample order can be 10 pcs to check quality.

What quantity for your acrylic custom print logo?

We low MOQ from 100 to 5000pcs.

How about your company payment?

We accept T/T 50% deposit, and 50% before shipment. For sample or small orders, always use PayPal.

What other special products can you produce?

We accept custom acrylic stands, key chains, acrylic boxes, metal badges, etc.

How do you ship the goods?

We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT.

What is your production time?

Our production time is based on your quantity, as usually, our production time is 10-30 days. the sample order is about 5-7days.

JC Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer Teaches You How to Choose a Good Acrylic Sheet?

The quality of acrylic sheets directly affects the quality and service life of acrylic products. So how to choose a good quality acrylic sheet?
1. Light transmittance identification
After a good acrylic sheet is irradiated with white light, the light it reveals is very pure, without yellowing or blue, and the better the sheet, the greater the light transmittance. The surface colour of the acrylic sheet is very pure, while the surface of the recycled board is yellowed.
2. Thickness identification
The quality of acrylic sheets can also be measured by thickness. Generally speaking, how thick is enough thickness. When purchasing, you must ask clearly, this is more critical. The hardness and scratch-resistance of the surface of the acrylic sheet are very good. There is no irritating odour when cutting. The surface of the recycled board is easily scratched, and it will produce an irritating odour when cutting.

Application Fields Of JC Plastic Plexiglass Sheet

1. Construction industry: mainly used in building lighting bodies, transparent roofs, roofs, telephone booths, stairs and room wall guards, etc. 2. Sanitary ware: Mainly used in bathtubs, washbasins, dressing tables and other products. 3. Arts and crafts industry: Acrylic sheets are widely used in carving, decoration, and crafts production, such as hair accessories, brooches, pendants, etc., and extruded ones are usually used for advertising signs, light boxes, etc.

JC-one of the Leading Professional Plastic Sheet Manufacturer & Fabrication to Rocket Your Business

JC is a professional manufacturer of acrylic display stand-related products. The company adopts the current CNC technology, as well as complete sets of production equipment such as turning, planing, milling, sawing, flower grooves, sanding, and wire drawing. The company has a dust-free screen printing workshop and a number of large-format laser cutting machines and engraving machines, which can drill, trim, special-shaped cutting, hot bending, surface drawing, sandblasting, oil spraying, printing, etc. Professional treatment.MOQ of customized design bag is only 400PCS now. Looking forward to working with your business.
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