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JC You're the Best Choose Acrylic Product Suppliers & Manufacturer in China.

Established in 2017, JC has been one of the acrylic custom wholesalers in China.
It specializes in producing acrylic keychains, acrylic standees, acrylic boxes, acrylic laptop stands and another acrylic.
Its products passed EN71 tests and comply with international quality standards. Its main market is America, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Japan, etc.
Moreover, we have professional engineering teams, who can design individual products and provide business solutions to meet the client’s requirements.
Our decades-experienced R&D team support all kinds of OEM and ODM requirements.
We aim to become the world’s most trustworthy, well-known acrylic crafts brand.
Looking forward to receiving your specific requirements, samples, blueprints, and further cooperation. Your visit and inquiry is been highly appreciated!

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Who we are?

Our full company name is Long Gang Jing Chuan Crafts Co., Ltd.

JC is an expert in acrylic manufacturing.
Acrylic crafts usually have a choice of different materials, such as 2mm thick, 3mm thick, 5mm thick, 10mm thick, etc. We control the quality of the goods from the aspects of the material, cutting, logo printing, and so on.
Acrylic supports printing in any color and can quickly cut different shapes.
Before shipping, Jichuang will send your mass production pictures for your double-checking.

Any Kinds Acrylic to Support Your Custom

If you need acrylic keychain,acrylic stand, acrylic Boxes, cosmetic/perfume acrylic display stand /cosmetic skin care lotion display shelves store Jichuang can always satisfy your needs.
All our acrylic is customized, just send us your project detail and we will give you the best solution.

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Multi Material Color and Thickness for Choose

You can choose different material color and thickness to support your project, from some cheap to expensive, Jichuang can produce custom. Different color acrylic has different thickness options.
Looking forward to working with you.

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