Acrylic Badge Manufacturer

  • Material: Plastic Plexiglass Sheet
  • Size: Customized size and shape
  • Printing Design: Customized logo
  • MOQ:500pcs
  • Sample times:5-7days
  • OEM&ODM: Yes
  • Feature: High-precision laser cutting
  • Process: UV Print
  • High-quality acrylic
  • Fine side cutting
  • Resist fading product
  • Customizing option available
  • Comes with a pin button

We are a top-notch company that is manufacturing high-quality premium acrylic products in china. We are giving a customizing option so you can get the product according to your demand. We use innovative and advanced technology and work with a proper strategy. For wholesalers, we have special rates that they won’t find anywhere else.

The material that we have used for the construction of acrylic badges is up to the mark. Premium quality acrylic is used that won’t fade with time. Our products have water-resistant quality so you can use them for a long run time.

JC Custom Acrylic Name badge

JC Acrylic Badge Reel

The beautifully designed JC acrylic badge reels are constructed of high-quality printed acrylic with the newest designer-inspired designs. They will undoubtedly provide an extra splash of colour to any outfit. Since they were introduced, these distinctive buttons have become a favourite among buyers looking for a fun and distinctive look! These colourful and entertainingly formed buttons are lightweight acrylic and are simple to wear.

These acrylic badge reels have a 360-degree alligator rotating clip, which is the one that the medical industry likes the most. However, the buttons included with this package work with all other Outside the Box acrylic badge reel models since they are replaceable.


JC Custom Acrylic Name badge

We are one of the most well-known companies in the market for providing Acrylic Name Badges. These are ideal for identification. These lovely name badges may be customized for your students and employees.

We never skimp on quality, and we use computer-controlled tensile and compression equipment to performance test each of our products. During this procedure, a high-quality laser is cut. The weight is measured precisely by the system. This lovely name badge acrylic may be used for a variety of purposes.

Acrylic Name badge
Plastic Badges Custom

JC Plastic Badges Custom

These are similar to name badges, but the primary distinction is in the form and design. This lucite badge may be customized with your favorite logo or character. You have countless great and adorable options on our platform. Our designers have a wealth of industry knowledge. Therefore, you will always receive in terms of design.

Because of their ability to resist fading, these badges may be worn in any climate. If you’re working in a group, you may alter this product to reflect your group’s theme. Wearing these acrylic badges that you may personalize can help to add some flair to your identity. Stay confident because JC is the top name badge maker in china.

JC Acrylic Magnetic Name Badges

These premium custom-printed acrylic name badges include a robust magnetic back and a well-polished acrylic structure. If you’d like, there is also a pin-back option. They may be produced in any size and form needed. Simply provide us with your logo to have name tags printed for you.

You can wear it to represent your identity. These badges are used by many well-known professionals, such as police officers, army officers & pilots, who always wear their acrylic name badges. JC acrylic name badge is not just a choice, and it’s your need.

JC Acrylic Magnetic Name Badges

Exclusive guide about acrylic badge holders

In most companies, the need for acrylic badges is growing daily. Before implementing this strategy in your business, you must explain the value of name badges to your staff. You won’t be able to get the desired outcomes when you need them if they don’t grasp the importance of wearing name badges.

The effectiveness of custom acrylic badges may be easily determined. They may appear to be a little accessory sometimes, but they are something everyone should consider using. This article will review a few reasons for using acrylic badge holders. To learn more, keep reading.

How are they made?

Badge holders come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and themes. Aluminium, plastic, silicone, leather, and acrylic are materials used to make badge holders. But acrylic is one of the materials most frequently utilized to make a badge holder. It is renowned for being rigid, strong, and clear. The acrylic material may tolerate any weather. Custom acrylic badges are more impact resistant.

Your IDs will be protected from various factors and have a longer lifespan with acrylic badge holders. You may clip it to a lanyard. Additionally, you may attach it to any piece of clothing. Since badge holders are frequently sealed, it is a perfect method to keep the dust and grime of daily life away.

Benefits of acrylic badge holders: why you should use them?

It is one of the helpful tools that offers several advantages to all types of businesses. Every day, you must determine what name badges are appropriate for your company. Acrylic name badges can play a special role when attending conferences or trade shows. Continue reading this article to learn more information about JC custom acrylic badges.

Obtain a Long-Lasting Premium Appearance:

The acrylic name badge’s durable quality look is one of its many important advantages. You may use it for a very long time.

Acrylic name badges fit any clothing:

The acrylic name epoxy badge magnetic form allows them to be used with any clothing. The name badge’s edges are laser polished to prevent any harm to your clothing.

Improve Customer Relations:

Even though there are many different strategies to improve client relations, acrylic name badges may be helpful. This great technique attracts many clients who will buy your goods and services.

Make Your Identity Unique:

Every business owner wants to develop a positive brand image among their clients. Only employing an acrylic name badge magnetic in your company will make it feasible. The name badge design might also distinguish your company from your rivals.

What is JC offering in the latest acrylic badge holder collection?

The benefits indicated in the article above may be obtained by purchasing acrylic name badges from JC. The services offered by our store are exceptional. Utilize the well-printed name badges from our store to achieve your set goals. Our manufacturers will provide a clear, flat design. The needs of the clients may determine the name epoxy badge size. Let’s uncover a special category of JC acrylic badges.

Acrylic badge Manufacturer:

It is a beautiful and durable badge acrylic holder crafted of high-quality material. Our purple badge reel has a flexible mechanism and is encased in durable plastic housing for scanning convenience. On the rear is a strong swivel alligator clip for attaching to your clothes, uniform, or lab coat.

You are given a transparent vinyl strap with a metal snap to quickly and easily attach your badge. You can customize it with unique and cute images and shapes. It all depends on your choice. Let’s make a statement and include some fashion while at work. It hangs straight no matter where it is positioned and is readily affixed to a garment with one hand.

Features of this acrylic badge:

  • Acrylic holder with adorable forms and vibrant colours.
  • Design that retracts for added ease
  • ideal for long-term usage
  • ideal for long-term usage
  • It’s ideal for wearing identification.
  • There is also the possibility of customization.

JC Top Acrylic Badge Manufacturer in China

One of China’s leading manufacturers, JC, specializes in acrylic products. You can always count on JC to provide high-quality Acrylic badges in your preferred variants. We have produced a fantastic selection of Acrylic Badges by utilizing our available resources and production equipment. We are not just a leading brand in manufacturing acrylic badges, also we are best at providing acrylic sheets, acrylic signs, Acrylic Organizer, and Acrylic Cake Toppers.

A team of quality control experts performs several checks to guarantee excellent workmanship, lovely designs, and an eye-catching look. Our product line is both extremely affordable and strong. These are made specifically for our client’s exact requirements.

Be a part of JC as a Wholesaler & get several benefits such as;

  • Get Amazing ideas from our expert designers
  • Ultimate customizing options
  • Guarantee on each order placement
  • Great discounts on bulk orders

Don’t wait, just connect with JC and start a great deal with us because it’s a great name badge maker online. For more information, visit our site and order your favourite acrylic products.

Can you order badges from your home?

Yes! You can book your order from the comfort zone of your home. JC is a top-notch name badge maker online brand. Just visit the site, discuss your project and it’s all done.

Can we allow discounts?

Definitely Yes! You’ll always get amazing pricing as a wholesaler. The more quantity you’ll order the less rates you’ll get.

What is the process of customization?

It’s a very easy peasy process. If you have any idea about the customization of your badge, discuss it with our team. If it’s doable, we’ll start working on it.

Is there a priority shipping option?

Absolutely! Priority delivery enhancements are offered at checkout. Please contact us before purchasing if you need faster shipping so we can provide you with other choices.

When will my order be delivered?

Please take note of our website’s top-left representation of our current processing time. Processing time is when your product is created and when it is delivered to the post office. Processing time and additional delivery time are needed.

Where is my purchase?

For you to trace the status of your purchase, a tracking number will be provided for every order, excluding those that are sent for free. Please be aware that the USPS website updates for tracking numbers might take up to 72 hours.

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