JC Acrylic Bookshelf Manufacturer

We use automated production machines for production, sales, and bookshelf services.

  • Low MOQ 400pcs/customized design
  • Customized Designs and size
  • Get premium quality shelf material
  • Team of expert designers and professional R&D specialist
  • Uses automated machines with innovative technology
  • Factory Direct Price and Profession Custom service
  • High-quality and high durability

Custom Acrylic Bookshelf Professional Manufacturer

JC professional manufacturer produces a wide range of Acrylic Bookshelf to meet our customer’s requirements. We understand our clients’ demand to get their hands on durable, easy-to-clean, sturdy and well-accommodated bookshelf and racks. We believe in providing the best version of acrylic products. These include acrylic bookshelves, customized sheets, mirrors, cylinders, films, pen storage, perfume racks, jewellery display rack, shoe stand, cosmetic storage racks, clothing racks, etc.
JC offers a variety of acrylic bookshelves such as modern corner shelves, wall-mounted acrylic shelves racks, invisible floating acrylic shelves, leaning acrylic shelves, adjustable cabinet acrylic shelves, flat shelves, acrylic divider bookshelves, and a lot more.

The material used in our products is strong, and durable, with a longer shelf life. We ensure that our customers do not face problems like poor-quality material, late deliveries, lack of accommodation, and less accessibility to acrylic products. Don’t worry about us, you can rely on our acrylic products for a lifetime. We use top-quality material in manufacturing these acrylic bookshelves and other related products to deliver high-quality at your doorstep.
Our company ensures that our customers and buyers design acrylic objects and we make them as per their requirements.
Place an order with us and let us know your detailed bookshelf requirements. We are here to provide you with high-quality supportive shelves to meet your needs.

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Acrylic Bookshelf Series

Transparent plexiglass bookshelf

Plexiglass acrylic bookshelf, 3mm thick acrylic material, Custom Size and shape

rectangular acrylic bookshelf

Three-dimensional flat clip-on, transparent acrylic bookshelf, wholesale price

orange Acrylic Bookshelf

Orange translucent book rack, perforated installation type, made by bending process

Brown acrylic bookshelf

Noble and unique acrylic book rack, 4mm thick acrylic sheet, S- shape.

book acrylic shelf

Transparent acrylic bookshelf, factory price, 3mm to 10mm thick supply options

Blue Acrylic Bookshelf

Blue book storage rack, support custom colour and printed logo, hot bending process

JC Acrylic Bookshelf Advantage


4 Shelves Acrylic Bookshelf perspex book holder for magazine

We produce a wide range of high-quality 4 shelves acrylic bookshelf to facilitate our customer’s requirements. Get your desired transparent 4 shelves within a specific time period.

It is made up of acrylic material, with 4 shelves, and it is square shaped. You can keep your books, and magazines in this 4 shelve acrylic holder.

JC supervises the complete process from unfinished raw material and manufacturing by professional labour to the final packaging of the finished product. We carefully monitor every stage of manufacturing acrylic bookshelf manufacturing for top quality standards.

We thoroughly analyze the range of our products on certain parameters to ensure that they fulfil high-quality standards.

transparent acrylic bookshelf
W-shaped Acrylic Bookshelf 

W-shaped Acrylic Bookshelf 

We produce another stylish W-shaped acrylic bookshelf to bless your collection. This W-shaped acrylic books rack helps you place books or magazines in a stylish manner. You can enhance the beauty of your room interior with this magnificent acrylic piece.

Our professional team of manufacturers build this coloured W-shaped bookshelf with extreme details. We care about your demand for fulfilling customized bookshelf purposes and decor.

You get a high-quality glass or plastic acrylic W-bookshelf with customized size and colour options. After you place your order, we monitor every step from machines cutting plastic sheets or plexiglass acrylic sheets, finishing, detailing, and re-shaping, to carefully handling and delivering at your doorstep.

Acrylic Easel Book Holder Rack Stand

Get a 6-inches top-quality acrylic book holder rack for your room. It is manufactured with delicacy and durability. JC provides an easel book holder to keep it on high countertops. The material is completely unbreakable and resilient.

We produce this article with smooth edges, a shatter-resistant material and transparency. Manufactured with the help of professionals and high-quality, this book rack is very light in weight. You can place it in any corner and enjoy your reads.

Acrylic Easel Book Holder Rack Stand-01

Custom Acrylic Shelf Project

Creative multi-layer acrylic bookshelf rack

Made of translucent acrylic material, rounded corners, durable, multi-layer storage, multi-colour optional, stable and load-bearing.

Children's picture book reading bookcase display stand

High-definition and high-transparency, enhanced hardness, high-temperature resistance, multi-colour optional, suitable for different home styles.

bedside table 2 tier acrylic bookshelf

Transparent and natural high light transmittance, durable, stable and load-bearing design saves space, beautiful and practical, compact and convenient

translucent acrylic shelving bookshelf

High-quality acrylic material, fixed with stainless steel screws, real material, cost-effective, non-toxic and odorless, clearly visible

bookshelf living room multi-layer storage shelf

Select high-quality imported acrylic sheet, high-definition transparency, safety and environmental protection, stable load bearing, scientific storage

  • “Your acrylic shelves are durable and easy to install. I can now sort my books easily in your layered acrylic shelf storage. I will definitely shop again”

    John Keath, China
  • “JC acrylic products are cheaper and reliable enough to provide me with the best shelves and sheets for my home interior. I really appreciate them for working on customer’s feedback.”

    Jane, Bosnia
  • “I was really impressed by the innovative idea and quick response from JC. I just talked to them about my idea for acrylic modification and they gave back the whole solution very quickly.”

    Hoper, U.S
  • “You can make multi-curved face sheets, glass, mirrors and boxes with optical clarity class 1 over the past 10 years. Your speciality is cost-effectiveness with super classy acrylic pieces”

    Mr. Edward

JC Custom Acrylic Bookshelf

JC is a China-based company with 10 years of Acrylic Bookshelf Manufacturing experience. We are a reliable and high-quality Acrylic Bookshelf Manufacturer. It is a one-stop solution to get a wide range of acrylic bookshelves. JC has a professional team of manufacturers who aim to fulfil customers’ needs and offer them top-notch bookshelf material.

Our effective team of R&D produces stylish and durable bookshelves after detailed research. Skilled workers use advanced technology to design and develop the best acrylic bookshelf products. JC uses automated production machines for production, sales, and bookshelf services. Our expert interior designers have amazing experience in building up an acrylic bookshelf with transparency, fine quality and customized designs.

Product Details

Craft Bending, Opening, Splicing
Features book storage cabinet
Place of Origin China
Province Zhejiang
Type Shelf, bookcase
Thickness 5mm to 20mm
Product name  Acrylic Bookshelf
Colour Transparent
Material Transparent Acrylic Sheet  Or translucent Acrylic Sheet
Size Customized
Design Accept Custom Designs
MOQ 400pcs
Sample time 5-7days
What is Acrylic Bookshelf?

Acrylic Bookshelf

It is composed of plexiglass material to store your books and other ornaments. You can design customized acrylic book storage to enhance the beauty of the home. It is durable, classy, and strong with high-quality manufacturing. To make it more attractive, you can design it in different colours, sizes or shapes.

What is the cost of Acrylic Bookshelf?

It depends upon the size of your ordered bookshelf. The material, shape, size, colour, thickness, and texture of the acrylic rack defines the cost of the bookshelf.

Is the acrylic bookshelf durable?

This furniture is created with complete detail and it is durable enough to break. However, it may fade, get scratches, or cracks sometimes, if not handled carefully. It is recommended to place this acrylic bookshelf in the quiet corner of your room or house to avoid any chances of damage.

Is Acrylic Bookshelf repairable?

Yes, you can send it back for thorough cleaning and to repair its damaged part. You can get it polished for best results to gloss it further and maintain it for a long duration.

Clear Acrylic Slatwall Bookshelf Acrylic Display Shelf Custom Perspex Organizer Shelf.

Clear Acrylic Slatwall Bookshelf Acrylic Display Shelf Custom Perspex Organizer Shelf

Then comes easy to mount crystal clear Slatwall acrylic bookshelf. It attracts bookshelf buyers with its transparent and fine angle. For long-last durability, it is made up of acrylic material.

Without the use of some extra hardware, this perspex organizer shelf mounts easily. These wall-mounted acrylic racks hold your magazines, books and other paper content.

acrylic Invisible Floating Wall Mounted Ledge Shelf Perspex Organizer Shelves.

Acrylic Invisible Floating Wall Mounted Ledge Shelf Perspex Organizer Shelves

This is a multi-purpose, glass, invisible, and floating wall bookshelf. Besides, books, this floating Perspex shelf beautifully organizes nail polishes, DVDs, and spice bottles. It reduces clutter, is easy to hang, and offers a compact space to organize your things on a floating shelf.

This acrylic invisible floating wall-mounted bookshelf organizer can be used in the home areas like the kitchen and bathroom. You can also use this safe and strong glass in a professional environment like an office.

It comes with a modern durable design and 4mm thickness to fit into your room or office decor.

What are the uses of Acrylic Bookshelf?

An acrylic bookshelf is used to store books but you can also use it to keep decorative frames, pictures, vases, plants, etc. Moreover, you can utilize the space at the corners of acrylic bookshelves to keep lamps, coasters, snacks, stationery, files and many more.

In short, you can make it a perfect organizer of tiny things and accessories to enhance the positive aura of your home.

How Long does Acrylic Bookshelf Last?

If an acrylic bookshelf is well-maintained, cleaned, polished, and contains high-quality upgraded material, it can last longer than 30 years. Yes, this is true, you can just keep it clean, and safe and avoid the chances of it getting damaged.

If you have to frequently move the bookshelf from one place to another like in an exhibition, there may be a chance that a public place and more human influence can alter its shine and durability. You can expect as many scratches, dust, or anything that puts strain on the acrylic bookshelf.

However, your acrylic product is safe at home, if your kids behave and do not make a mess and damage the furniture. Hence, properly kept furniture can last longer and add value to your room space.

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