Acrylic Cake Toppers Wholesale

Are you struggling to find a suitable wholesale supplier of acrylic cake Toppers? JC, located in China, is a professional manufacturer of acrylic cake Toppers that can solve all your problems!

  • Custom Shape, Thick and Colour
  • A wide Acrylic Sheet Choose
  • Get Personalized Acrylic Cake Toppers Designs
  • Factory Wholesale Discount Price
  • Ten Years of fabrication Experience

JC Acrylic Cake Toppers

Make your cake a little fancier with the help of our JC Acrylic cake toppers manufacturer. We want our customers to celebrate their special events like birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, engagements, and weddings.

Our acrylic cake toppers manufacturer promises to prepare top-quality cake toppers for customers. We believe in making our daily clients, regular customers and providing them with laser-cut cake toppers with precision. If our customers order 3mm thickness acrylic cake toppers, we aim to fulfil their requirements and give them glossy edges to add extra finishing and beauty to a cake.

JC understands your theme requirements and whatever your event is about, you can place an order with us. Our professional acrylic cake topper manufacturer promises to deliver cake toppers as per your needs of quality, colour, size, name, or even style.

During the development process, our professional acrylic topper manufacturer uses top-notch plastic acrylic sheets to produce quality cake toppers. Moreover, they use advanced tools and machinery to deliver high-quality products to customers’ doorstep.

On high demand of customers, JC acrylic toppers manufacturer has added a variety of cake toppers. The range includes funky and ultra-modern acrylic cake toppers for Christmas, Father’s Day Mother’s Day, Eid Day, Halloween theme, Valentine’s Day, New Year, and 3D level.

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Acrylic Cake Toppers Series

Custom Round flower birthday cake inserts

JC Provide Custom Design Acrylic  Cake Toppers. Gold Acrylic Sheet, Full-Colour Printing Your Brand Or Name Etc.

Personalised Acrylic Cake Toppers

Black, Red, Personalised Design Acrylic Cake Toppers Shape, 1.5mm Thick Environmental friendly Plastic Sheet.

Blank Acrylic Cake Topper Wholesale

Factory Wholesale Blank White Acrylic Cake Topper, Competitive Prices, Door-to-Door Shopping, OEM & ODM.

Happy Birthday Acrylic Cake Topper

Custom Happy Birthday Cake Topper, One Layer 2mm Thick Plexiglass Sheet, Laser Cut Smooth Edges Hexagon.

Acrylic Wedding Cake Topper

Elegant Acrylic Wedding Cake Topper with Personalized Monogram, Support customizing any font you want.

Round Acrylic Cake Topper

Wholesale Rustic Acrylic Happy Birthday Cake Topper with Laser Engraved Wood Texture, Round Gold Acrylic Sheet.

Perspex Cake Toppers

Custom Gold Happy Birthday Theme Cake Toppers ,Add a touch of elegance to your cakes with these stunning perspex cake toppers.

Acrylic Number Cake Topper

JC Supplier Acrylic Number Cake Topper,We can provide all the decorative inserts needed by the cake shop, and select high-quality source acrylic sheets with guaranteed quality.

Hexagon Acrylic Cake Topper

Custom Hexagon Acrylic Number Theme Cake Topper , Get into the holiday spirit with these festive perspex cake toppers.

Acrylic Anniversary Cake Topper

Celebrate Your Love: Happy Acrylic Anniversary Cake Topper, Personalized Bliss,Rose Gold Acrylic.

Double Layer Acrylic Cake Topper

Sophisticated Double Layer Acrylic Cake Topper with Elegant Calligraphy, The double layer is stronger and less likely to break.

Merry Christmas Acrylic Cake Topper

Joyful Holiday Acrylic Cake Topper with Merry Christmas Wishes, We Can Customise Different Themes For Your Cake Topper.

Acrylic Engagement Cake Toppers

JC Provided Custom Design Shape, Colour and Thickness, Theme, and Word. Stylish Acrylic Engagement Cake Topper with Modern Geometric Design.

Acrylic Paddle Cake Topper

Wholesale Clear Round Acrylic Paddle Cake Topper, Diy Custom Colour Printing Your Content. We have a wide of acrylic Sheets Thick for you to choose from.

Plain Acrylic Cake Topper

Versatile Acrylic Cake Topper to Match Any Party Theme. Birthday Parties, Wedding Parties, Business Parties, Couples Parties.

JC Acrylic Cake Toppers Advantage

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Quality certification, multi-layer quality inspection process is strictly monitored to satisfy customers

Delivery guarantee
Delivery guarantee

30 sets of equipment, 2 production lines,The factory area is 3000 square meters, and the delivery is more punctual

Competitive price
Competitive price

Source origin, reduce intermediate links, support customization to protect customer interests

worry-free after-sales
Worry-free after-sales

One-to-one customer service, Respond to customer needs in a timely manner, and communicate more easily

Acrylic Cake Toppers Flat Artwork Design File

JC has hired a corporate team of professional designers to produce ideal Acrylic Cake Toppers material. The moment you send us your desired product drawing or sketch with measurements, our expert design team starts producing the finished product. We use advanced technology and top-notch machines to prepare the best acrylic artworks. If your project drawings have difficulties in product detail design, please contact us, our experienced design team will help you solve the problem and make your project details more perfect.

Acrylic Cake Toppers Flat Artwork File
Acrylic Cake Toppers Wholesale Factory

JC Acrylic Cake Toppers Wholesale Factory

JC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of acrylic cake toppers. We specialize in producing a wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes, delivering high-quality acrylic cake toppers for wholesale. Our products cater to diverse customer needs.

JC Laser Cut Acrylic Cake Toppers

JC Laser Cut Acrylic Cake Toppers
Love Shape Golden Acrylic Cake Insert

Our laser-cut acrylic cake toppers are renowned for their intricate and innovative designs, adding a unique charm to your cakes. By utilizing state-of-the-art laser-cutting technology, we can create stunning shapes, patterns, and details that make your cake the centre of attention on any occasion.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, celebration, or holiday gathering, our laser-cut acrylic cake toppers offer a wide range of options. Choose from captivating shapes such as hearts, flowers, stars, and animals, or customize your own design based on specific themes and personalized requirements. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring clear contours and smooth lines in each cake topper, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and elegant style.

We provide various size options to accommodate cakes of different sizes and offer a selection of high-quality acrylic materials. Our products are durable, easy to clean, and reusable, ensuring they won’t cause any damage to your cakes.

Choosing our laser-cut acrylic cake toppers will give you an exquisite and distinctive decoration that adds personality, creativity, and stunning allure to your cakes. Whether it’s for personal use or commercial purposes, we can meet your needs and help you create an unforgettable cake experience.

Custom Acrylic Cake Toppers Project

Clear Acrylic Cake Topper

Whether it is your baby shower, wedding anniversary, or birthday party, we bring you a gold butterfly marble acrylic cake. All the cake toppers pieces are beautifully designed and made up of high-quality acrylic material.

Personalised Gold Acrylic Cake Topper

This personalized gold acrylic cake topper features 3D letter decorations, allowing you to customize it with the text or name of your choice. If you are a bakery owner, this decoration would be the perfect choice for you. It will greatly contribute to increasing your sales and attracting more repeat customers.

Gold Mirror Acrylic Cake Topper

Whether it is a holiday, a special occasion, or a bakery decoration, you will receive mirrored gold and acrylic angel. Place it on the top of your yummy cake or cupcake and make it look great. Our professional acrylic cake topper manufacturer aims to produce the best decorative material for cakes or cupcakes. These perfectly made angel-shaped acrylic measured from 3 inches tall and 1.25 inches wide. However, we can provide you with a custom-made acrylic material and mirrored angel cake decors.

Pink Acrylic Cake Topper

We offer personalized customizations for pink, gold, and black acrylic cake toppers, tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s a birthday, party, or wedding, they are perfect for various occasions. We can provide a quick quotation based on details such as size, quantity, colour, and other specific requirements you may have.

Rainbow Acrylic Cake Topper

Creative rainbow acrylic cake topper decoration that showcases your personality and creativity. It is food-safe, durable, and reusable. These acrylic cake decorations are approximately 15 cm/6 inches in size, suitable for most cake sizes. Please remove the protective film from both sides before use.

Silver Mirror Acrylic Cake Topper

Introducing the shimmering silver mirror acrylic cake topper with an illuminated design. It is suitable for a variety of business events such as weddings, birthday parties, store anniversary celebrations, and corporate annual meetings. Crafted with exquisite detail, this silver mirror acrylic cake topper serves as a stunning centrepiece.

White Acrylic Cake Topper

Made from pure white acrylic material, this cake topper allows you to showcase your creativity using erasable or colored markers. We offer the freedom to customize various shapes, sizes, and content according to your preferences, giving your cake a unique and personalized touch.

Red Acrylic Cake Topper

Using high-quality red PMMA acrylic sheets as the foundation, we create various text and graphic designs to make your cake decorations more personalized. The exquisite decorative effect makes it an essential choice for decorating your cakes.

Blue Acrylic Cake Topper

Created using high-quality blue eco-friendly acrylic material, this cake topper features unique custom patterns and designs that will enhance the success of your bakery business. We offer bulk customization options tailored to your specific needs.

black acrylic cake topper

Enhance the festive atmosphere of various celebrations with custom black acrylic cake decorations. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, business event, or holiday celebration, these decorations provide outstanding decorative effects.

  • “I am delighted to receive my order from JC Acrylic Cake Toppers Manufacturer. I had an urgent order and after being let down by some other cake topper company, I took a great step. I contact this amazing cake topper manufacturer.”

    Shane, United States
  • “I somehow placed a wrong order with JC Acrylic Cake Toppers Manufacturer. This company is fantastic, it not only provided me with good quality products but also rectified my mistake. What a superb gesture!”

    Leo, South Asia
  • “I am overwhelmed by the amazing and prompt service of JC Acrylic Cake Toppers Manufacturer. They are cooperative enough to replace cake toppers at any time. You guys are so kind.”

    Helen, Korea
  • “I needed a customized order for my friend’s birthday cake. The theme was a little tricky and only a genius could comprehend it. Thanks to this amazing JC company for helpful staff, they have understood the assignment.”

    Jess, Japan
  • “I am a regular customer of JC Acrylic cake toppers manufacturer and they always amaze me with beautiful toppers. You can personalize your order whenever you want and free of charge”

    Kelly, China

JC Custom Acrylic Cake Toppers

Custom Acrylic Cake Toppers are personalized cake decorations made from eco-friendly acrylic material using laser cutting technology. We can customize them according to the client’s requirements to suit different themes, occasions, and preferences. These cake toppers can feature various unique designs, such as the names of newlyweds, the age of a birthday celebrant, a child’s name, and more. The acrylic material gives the cake toppers a transparent and exquisite appearance, creating an impressive effect. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday party, or any other celebration, customized Acrylic Cake Toppers add a unique touch of personality and visual appeal to the cake.

How to quickly obtain wholesale discounts for acrylic cake toppers?

JC specializes in providing high-quality OEM & ODM services. In order to quickly obtain wholesale discount quotations, please provide details including dimensions, requirements for acrylic sheet colour, design drafts, the quantity of the order, and the destination country for shipping. Our customer service team will respond to you promptly within 48 hours.

How to make acrylic cake toppers ?
  1. Design: Firstly, we will design the style and dimensions of the cake topper based on your requirements and theme. We can use computer-aided design software or hand-drawn sketches to accomplish this. If you already have a completed design file, please send it in AI, CDR, or PDF format to our customer service Email:
  2. Material selection: We will select the appropriate acrylic sheet colour and thickness according to your requirements. Common colours for the sheets include gold, black, silver, white, etc. Ensuring high-quality acrylic sheets with a suitable thickness.
  3. Laser cutting: We will use laser cutting machines or CNC cutting machines to accurately cut the acrylic sheets into the desired shapes based on the design pattern. Precise measurements and accurate operations are necessary for this process.
  4. CNC Engraving: If needed, we can perform engraving on acrylic sheets. This can be done using laser engraving machines or manual carving tools. Detailed engravings enhance the details and uniqueness of the cake topper.
  5. Printing: Based on the design requirements, we can add colours, patterns, or other decorations onto the acrylic sheets. This can be achieved through methods such as spray painting, colour printing, or applying coloured films.
  6. Installation: Acrylic cake decorations usually come with a transparent protective film on the front surface, which effectively prevents damage and surface contamination. Before use, the protective film needs to be removed, and then the acrylic cake topper can be installed on the cake. It can be secured using food-safe adhesive or plastic supports.
  7. Cleaning and maintenance: After completion, gently wipe the acrylic cake topper with a soft cloth to keep it clean and glossy. Avoid using harsh chemicals or rough objects for cleaning to prevent scratches or damage.
Are your cake toppers edible or reusable?

No, we do not offer edible cake toppers and mainly deal with acrylic materials. You will get the best gold and shiny acrylic cake toppers with ideal thickness. We as a JC Acrylic Cake Toppers Manufacturer work hard to improve the quality of our acrylic material.

The best thing about buying our cake toppers is that we invest in the quality of toppers to deliver top-notch, laser-cut finished products. You can use our cake toppers on more than one occasion as they are durable and last longer than other acrylic cake toppers.

You can gift our theme-based acrylic cake toppers without any worry of getting damaged. Moreover, if you want to reuse these cake toppers, you can not only utilize our multi-purpose cake toppers for different events but store them for years. If you order “Happy Birthday” cake toppers for family or friends, you can use them for as many birthdays as you want.

Although we do not offer edible cake toppers, you will be delighted to have our reusable acrylic material cake toppers. Thus, even if these cake toppers get older, they won’t lose their spark or shine in them.

What size do you have for the cake toppers?

Whatever size you want for your cake toppers, we are here to provide them at suitable rates. If you wish to order a cupcake-sized cake topper, small, medium, or large-sized cake topper for custom cake designs, we will deliver it to you at your address.

If you are ordering cake toppers for 1, 2, or 3-tier cakes, JC Acrylic Cake Toppers aims to provide you with the best-sized decoration. All you need is to tell us about the ideal size for your topper. Most of the time, these cake toppers are 6 inches long. However, you can confirm this from any nearby bakery or tell us about the exact proportion and size of the letters.

For wider letters wider, use these rules of thumb: A 5 inches cake topper is usually the perfect proportion. If you select a curly or italicized font, or you want to play safe, 5 inches is an ideal case. No matter what size you choose, we would love to facilitate you in any capacity and short duration. The right measurements, size, fonts, colour, and theme are what we need.

How long will it take you to personalize the cake toppers?

We take up to 5 to7 maximum days to prepare a sample and to personalize the cake toppers.

We do not take much longer to personalize your acrylic cake topper irrespective of any special days like Bank Holiday Christmas, Easter, etc. On these special occasions, there may be a chance of delays in the dispatch and delivery process.

JC Acrylic Cake Toppers Manufacturer ensures to deliver your order in 7-10 working days. We are a China-based company and if you order from another country, we may take some more days like 5-7 to deliver your order safely.

Anywhere else in the world? Send us a message and we will get back to you with an estimate

What if I receive my cake topper damaged upon delivery? What should I do?

Our customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and if you receive a damaged cake topper, we do have a return or replace policy. If you have a scheduled event in a few days and you cannot take a risk, our humble apologies are with you.

However, if you think you have much time, you can return the damaged cake topper and have it replaced with the fresh and strong one. We make sure that whatever your concerns regarding the delivery issues get fulfilled timely. We ensure you deliver the new product in a given time frame and you won’t be charged a penny.

Whenever you receive such a damaged item, you can just contact us and we will be happy to rectify our mistakes. Sometimes during the shipment process, delivery products in bulk may pile up on each other and may get damaged. So, we recommend you immediately contact us in this scenario and allow us to send a fresh cake topper package to your doorstep.

How can I place my customized large order at JC? 

You can place your customized order with us at the JC website. All you need to provide us with detail regarding your acrylic order, personalized requirements, and your delivery address. We will make sure that you get your small to large orders in 5 to 10 working days at your delivery place.

However, if we will be facing delivery issues due to the bulk of orders or any event going around the state or world, we will update it on the website. You can get in touch with our acrylic cake toppers manufacturer to receive your desired order.

For any kind of queries, you can contact us on the website JC acrylic manufacturer and ask about your concerns regarding cake toppers. We have hired a professional acrylic cake toppers manufacturer at JC to take your orders through the proper channel and deliver you a quality product within 7 working days.

Do you have any tips to make sure my Personalized Cake Toppers look amazing?
  • It is highly recommended to choose a picture with a high-resolution and light-coloured background.
  • If you select a dark background, it may change the picture quality. It is suggested to use approximately 1,000 pixels for the small-sized images.
  • The print image is 300DPI (dots per inch) usually. However, we recommended to chose the larger image with better quality.
  • We will let you know if the quality of the image is not clear with low resolution.
  • If you are using a PC to upload the image, it is highly recommended to use JPG format instead of a word document or PDF file.
  • Moreover, you can select a glossy shimmery theme or cake topper texture to make your event amazing and memorable.
  • Our acrylic cake toppers manufacturer has specially designed them and you cannot doubt their durability and strength to stay longer in your stuff. So, you can put them in a much safer place and use them later.
  • Upon delivery, it is highly recommended to place these delicate acrylic cake toppers in a non-greasy place to keep them looking shiny and gold for a long time.
Is JC Acrylic cake toppers safe for food items like cake and cupcakes?

During our manufacturing process, we make sure that our acrylic cake toppers are completely safe for bakery items. They are compatible with cakes, cupcakes, and other eatables. Our acrylic cake toppers are manufactured according to the food safety parameters.

So, you need to have no queries up in your mind regarding cake toppers when you insert them into your cakes or cupcakes. These are safe and you can eat your cakes and enjoy the party with full thrill.

JC ensures that customers do not face any issues after these acrylic cake toppers get delivered to them. This is the reason our company believes in providing ease to the customers and therefore, we promise to provide acrylic material toppers without any concerns regarding food safety.

Whether you order a gold, mirrored, black, or white topper, we ensure you that it doesn’t get rusted or ruin the texture of your cake. We care about our customer’s health and safe life, so our manufacturers are strictly following these client concerns.

Can Your cake toppers catch fire?

Yes, our acrylic material or wood cake toppers are flammable and they can catch fire. It does not mean that we have used low-quality material in these acrylic cake toppers. Our acrylic cake topper manufacturer has used high-quality material in these toppers.

We have used advanced laser cutting technologies to produce these cake ornaments. However, we do not promise that they may not catch fire during your event. Therefore, it is highly recommended to place the candles away from these acrylic material cake toppers.

You need to make sure that these acrylic props or ornaments are placed at a distance from candles and burning material. It is better to place candles separately from the cake and make sure that they do not come in contact with acrylic cake toppers.

The decoration ornaments present in our list are purely based on acrylic material. Therefore, you need to be very careful during the whole table decoration process. And make sure to keep the burning candles away from acrylic toppers.

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