Acrylic Coffee Table Manufacturers

  • Material Thickness:10mm to 20mm plexiglass Acrylic Sheet
  • Size: Customized size and shape, colour
  • Printing Design: Customized logo
  • MOQ:500pcs
  • Sample times:5-7days
  • OEM&ODM: Yes
  • Feature: High-precision laser cutting
  • Process: bonding,splicing
  • high-grade acrylic material
  • great finishing
  • Superb finishing
  • No assembly necessary
  • modern manufacturing method
  • Customization of size and form

JC Plexiglass Coffee Table Manufacturing is a reputable company that produces premium acrylic products in China that are of the highest quality. We provide the option of customization so you may receive the product based on your needs. We employ cutting-edge technologies and a sound plan of action. We provide exceptional pricing to wholesalers that they won’t find anywhere else.

Usually, Acrylic tables are in a Transparent white shade. It looks like glass. But if you want any other color, we can provide you with that facility too. Just tell us your required color. We’ll try to manufacture your coffee table plexiglass in that shade. Also, feel free to ask about your required shape and size. This process will take extra cost & time but the outcome will be great. Although our rectangle acrylic coffee table and round acrylic side table are the most popular.

JC Lucite Coffee Table

JC Lucite Coffee Table

JC Lucite Coffee Table is the perfect, simplest kind of Acrylic furniture. Our Slab coffee table is manufactured with Acrylic sheets that are perfectly cut and buffered to ensure the luxury look you expect. The design includes a top made of transparent tempered glass, which increases durability. It’s a wonderful work of art that will enhance the beauty of your house. It’s a great option that may improve the look of your food cart if you own a restaurant.

Premium quality material is used, which makes our pieces so innovative. All the pieces are joined strongly. JC Lucite coffee table is the exclusive piece that is in demand. Get it and improve the sitting area of your house. Custom Dimensions are available according to your requirements for the perspex coffee table.

JC Square Acrylic Coffee Table

We have launched our premium acrylic table slab in a square shape. The translucent top of the JC Square Acrylic Coffee Table lets the beauty of your flooring peek through. Your room becomes more interesting without being visually overwhelming. Glass furniture comes with a risk of breaking. Rarely, furniture made of tempered glass that has been scratched or chipped may suddenly and unexpectedly break. Glass damage, which is sometimes invisible, can deteriorate over time to the point where it could break.

It is also known as an acrylic cocktail table. This Acrylic square table is unbreakable. You can use it for the long term. Its safety elements lower the possibility of harm. Also, this small acrylic coffee table can bear a lot of weight compared to glass tables. The white acrylic coffee table’  C-shaped form allows it to partially slide under a couch or sofa for more comfortable use and to conserve valuable living space in small spaces.

JC Square Acrylic Coffee Table
JC Round Lucite coffee table

JC Round Lucite coffee table

With this gorgeous JC Round acrylic coffee table, you may give your living area a luxuriously dramatic improvement. Our small round acrylic coffee table is an elegant tribute to Old Hollywood glitz with a clear acrylic base with an industrial aesthetic. This round, transparent coffee table will become the centre of attention in your living area. We provide a large surface that can be used to exhibit beautiful objects while also expanding the area and opening the room up.

You will appreciate this small acrylic side table since it is made from the best quality materials. If you wish to alter the size, form, or color of this slab table to suit your needs, please contact us. Choose our lovely clear acrylic furniture to enhance the decor of your home.

JC Professional Acrylic Coffee Table Manufacturers

JC is a well-known Chinese brand that specializes in manufacturing acrylic coffee tables. We are an expert in producing various acrylic goods, including acrylic fridge magnets, acrylic keychains, acrylic furniture, acrylic wedding invitations, and gem stickers acrylic. For durability, we use high-grade acrylic material and cutting-edge laser technology. Our clear coffee table acrylic has a long life span. It is appropriate for all weather conditions. We are one of the leading acrylic manufacturers that comes with great quality but reasonable pricing.

  • premium quality Acrylic material
  • Transparent in colour
  • Perfect finishing of the acrylic slab
  • No assembly required
  • Advanced manufacturing process
  • Customization in shape & Size

Can you place a table order from home?

Yes! Orders for our modern clear acrylic coffee tables may be placed from the convenience of your home. JC is a reputable internet brand for acrylic table makers. It only takes a single visit to the site to discuss your order.

Could we provide discounts?

Undoubtedly, yes! As a wholesaler, you’ll always obtain fantastic prices. You will receive lower prices the more you order.

What steps comprise the customization process?

It’s a really simple procedure. Talk to our team if you have any ideas for customizing your table. If it’s problematic, we’ll go to work fixing it. We are open to customizing your coffee tables in size, color, and shape.

Are there any delivery options with priority?

Yes! Enhancements for priority delivery are available at checkout. If you require faster shipping, please contact us before purchasing so we can provide you with other options.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Please take note of the top-left display of our website’s processing time. The processing period is between the moment your product is made and the time it is delivered to the post office. There must be processing time as well as additional shipping time. Normally it takes 10 to 20 days.

Where is my purchase?

Every order, barring those supplied free of charge, will be given a tracking number so that you may check the progress of your purchase. Please be advised that tracking numbers might take up to 72 hours to refresh on the USPS website.

What are the common shapes we offer?

We usually offer C shapes, Round shapes, Oval, Rectangular or square shapes. These all shapes are trendy these days. But if you want any other shape, just let us know. We’ll work on it if it will be possible for us.

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