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Explore the different possibilities of stylish and comfortable living space with our array of beautiful and unique Acrylic Furniture

  • Durable and High-quality wholesale acrylics furniture directly from the manufacturer
  • Custom Acrylic furniture designs with any colours and shape you desire
  • Fusion with other materials like wood, and metal is available
  • Our business is customer oriented and customer satisfaction is our watchword.
  • Low MOQ 400pcs/customized design

JC Acrylics is your ideal manufacturer of any custom acrylic furniture

Here we have the top-graded skills and have mastered the art of fabricating modern clear acrylic furniture designs to meet your needs. We manufacture and sell wholesale quantities of high-quality acrylic furniture so you or clients of retailers can achieve the appealing appearance of their offices or homes.

We can help you manufacture any type of furniture to fit what you do and who you are! Our wholesale Acrylic Furniture pieces are unique and of supreme quality. Our company was formed to show committed support and provide powerfully-built custom acrylic furniture to run your business and decorate your living space.

JC Acrylics produces excellent acrylic furniture solutions especially when you require them to resell or for personal use.

We can provide the most unique and most appealing acrylic furniture designs to meet your high standards.

We manufacture all sorts of acrylic furniture such as acrylic dining tables, acrylic consoles, acrylic end tables, acrylic desks, acrylic chairs, acrylic stools, acrylic service carts, acrylic baby cribs, and acrylic bookshelf. There is also the option of fusion of Acrylic with many other raw materials like wood, and metal to create works of art just for you.

For our retailers, we can receive custom orders from you to wow your clients when you display them at your store. Our Furniture pieces are always sold fast as we supply enough furniture to stock up your shelves that your customers will go Gaga for.

We are proud to have an engineering and design team to make assembly of acrylic furniture designs with an appealing and eye-catching appearance. We can cut them into different sizes and shapes as well as colors to satisfy you and your high-valued customers. Our furniture is less prone to breakages due to its strengthened finish.

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Acrylic Furniture Series

Crystal Clear Acrylics Table with Gold finish corners

Rectangular design with a clear Acrylic top and gold finish corners offers a classic modern look for your living space.

Crystal Nude Acrylic Barstool Furniture

This piece is a barstool for homes and bars with a simple and unique design to wow your customers.

Auburn Pedestal Clear Acrylic Table

This pedestal-looking side table is a vintage detail you can add to your living space.

Transparent Classic Ironing Table

This Clear X base Folding table is sturdy and easy to maintain and can be integrated easily into your home decor.

Double Tier Shelf Acrylics Furniture

This uniquely shaped and colored two-tier shelf will be a great addition to any living space or office.

Crystal Slab Acrylic Furniture

This unique piece is made with a large quality finished slab of wood combined with clean contemporary acrylic legs.

JC Acrylic Furniture Advantage

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Custom processing
Custom processing
Source factory
Source factory
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Acrylic Furniture Artwork File

This package gives vector plan designs for CNC or laser cutting machines to be used to cut out acrylic furniture. This file, which is usually in vector format, can be used with all laser cutting programs as well as CNC routers, CNC plasma cutters, and plotters.

The plexiglass acrylic needed to create the aforementioned 3D design can be cut out using this download. This file was created with simplicity in mind for cutting and assembly.

For aspiring manufacturers of Acrylic Furniture, we have considerably lowered the cost of this file.

Send us an email if you require a different size, and we’ll locate a design that meets your requirements and upload a private listing only for you. If you are experiencing trouble viewing your photos, kindly contact us so we can make sure you get the correct and functional files.

Please be aware that this file might need the parts laid out according to your specifications since different countries have different standards for sheet materials.

Acrylic Furniture Artwork Drawing File

JC:Your Trusted acrylic furniture manufacturer

acrylic furniture stool

This unique and beautiful piece of acrylic furniture has a clear one hundred percent acrylic stand with a soft and comfortable velvet cushion that provides maximum comfort and relaxation.

The upholstered seat is filled with a high-density sponge, and there’s no depression even after sitting on it for a long time due to its resilience.

Crafted from thick acrylic glass, This unique piece of Acrylic Furniture is stain and water-resistant so the stool is easy to clean up and maintain with just a piece of a damp cloth.

The cushion can be dusted off at intervals. It is a high-end piece of furniture with varying use as a Sofa Table, Office Table even as a chair or a footstool or shower bench, or vanity stool.

The unique modern design you would see anywhere is perfect for any living space. It is easy to move.

living room bedside table coffee table simple rack

This is a modern acrylic rolling bar cart that is made of stylish design, ergonomics, a flawless look, and function, thus making this serving bar cart a must-have item for any hotel, business, or home.
The tray shelves provide plenty of room to serve the drinks and food, while the built-in handles and four caster wheels offer effortless mobility and service.
The Modern Acrylic Rolling Bar Cart is a versatile piece, allowing it enough room to hold your wine and snacks and making it convenient enough to place in any room.

This Acrylic trolley is easy to clean and you can easily wipe away clutter and spills with just a damp cloth or paper towel. It is made of high-quality material that resists liquid damage, cracks, and scratches.

It has 4 wheels with two handles and two spacious different shelves

JC Custom Acrylic Furniture Case

Brown Dusk Luxury Acrylic Shelf Furniture

This piece is a multi-layered storage cabinet that will fit effortlessly into your space as a bathroom shelf, a study shelf, a living room shelf, or even a kitchen shelf to store or display items.

The Auburn color gives this shelf the ability to seamlessly fit into your existing interior decor. And we all know that the latest home decor items are in all shades of nude neutral so this will bring some darker tones without throwing off the color theme of your space. It is also available in any type of color you may prefer.

It is a sturdy piece that will stand well on a flat surface with a 5 minutes assembly even a kid can do.

This piece is sleek and modern with retro accents, the acrylic shelf makes a style statement that works with any decor.

Modern Clear Acrylic Two-tier Shelf Furniture

This shelf has a two-tier design that allows for easy organization and display of items with this sleek piece. The clear acrylic material solely used for this piece of furniture makes it easy to blend well with modern homes and offices.

Featuring premium clear acrylics, this desktop accessory can keep your file folders efficiently organized and displayed and will occupy a minimum amount of space on the desk, table, or even countertops

The construction of this shelf makes it ideal for decluttering your workspace. It is absolutely perfect for storing and sorting papers, file folders, notepads, and much more. Great for use in your home, office, or retail space

Black Star Shelf Acrylic Furniture

This black-themed, simple and fashionable acrylic storage or display shelf is a perfect addition to your home or your shelves.

This bedside table has a comfortable storage height that is convenient for daily storing of one’s belongings and blends perfectly with any room style or color.

The four-grid storage design in the middle presents a light and beautiful feeling and is suitable for various scenarios.

Can be used to store and display home decor items, books, and magazines, or keep bedtime accessories, cosmetics, and other essentials handy. It is suitable for various styles of interior design and in every room like the living room, bedroom, and study.

Modern Tan Acrylic Furniture Center Table

This is a very different and absolutely beautiful piece of the center table that will add light, color, and spice to your living room. As you can see from the picture, it is very comfortable being the center of attention.

You can also put it in your home, bedroom, living room, or office as a useful mini center table where it survives as a convenient place to put your phone or laptop.

This charming versatile table is small enough to fit even in the most cluttered of living spaces.

This piece is a practical modern addition to accentuate your home decor. It can be used to place beautiful plants. It is two-tiered, so you can have more room for either storage or display.

Transparent Tan Colored Unique Acrylic Furniture.

This is a stunning masterpiece that can fit into any office or room decor. It is very sturdy and stylish! Perfect for your living room, bedroom or hallway. Place them near sofas, beds, or entry walls to support lamps, drinks, and flowers.

It is made from high-quality acrylic, also known as plexiglass. These modern bedside tables come in a special colored finish. Gorgeous bright colors bring vitality and a visual feast to the living space, allowing you to enjoy the new fashion of the modern home.

They are absolutely a dream to clean, and spills can be easily wiped away with a cloth and paper towel.

It is a multi-purpose and stylish piece of furniture that allows you to enjoy your drinks easily and can be used indoors or outdoors, such as in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cafes, kitchens, patios, and balconies. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or small spaces.

Mobile Clear Acrylics Furniture Bookshelf

This is a mobile shelf made entirely of acrylic, with a super clean surface and a visually lighter and purer design.

It is mobile and has a lot of space to reduce clutter in your living space and store items for you until you are ready to use them again. The simple square-shaped design makes this piece an incredibly versatile design that fits practically any decor.

You can use it as a convenient place to put your phone or laptop. This charming and versatile table is small enough to fit anywhere, providing more space.

  • ” I will be sincere. I was scared to order furniture online but their customer care was especially friendly and calmed my fears with the assurance that everything I bought would land safely. And guess what it did, everything was properly packaged and there was not even a scratch on my furniture and they came exactly when they were supposed to!”

    From ,Lara
  • “I have a home decor business where I sell furniture and home decor items. I have been wanting to change my former wholesaler for a while but I was waiting till I found the perfect match and I found it in JC Acrylics. We have been in business together for close to 5 years and they have not for once disappointed me. They have made customized  for me exactly to my specifications”

    Katy from Elite Interiors
  • “I came across JC Acrylics furniture a while back and I have been absolutely satisfied with their products, their customer service, and their furniture designs(they don’t miss).”

    From Larry

JC Custom wholesale acrylic furniture

A reputable manufacturer and exporter, JC Acrylics Furniture Manufacturer is focused on the conception, creation, and manufacture of acrylic items.

Since the beginning of our business, we have led the industry in providing consumers with the highest calibre acrylic furniture. Our most popular acrylic furniture items are in line with the current market trends and are renowned for their striking appearance.

Being a brand that places a premium on quality, we guarantee and ensure that the calibre of our acrylic furniture isn’t compromised on our end.

We offer these at the most competitive prices with several alternatives because we are one of the most well-known suppliers of acrylic furniture in China.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality acrylic furniture currently available.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality acrylic furniture, which is offered in a variety of forms, sizes, and styles to suit their needs.

The newest technology is used in the creation of these pieces of furniture to give them an even more appealing and striking appearance. Additionally, we deliver this acrylic furniture to the clieclient’srsteps in the time frame we have agreed upon.

In the years that we have been in the acrylic manufacturing business, we have earned an unshakeable reputation for producing the best acrylic furniture on time and to the exact specifications of our customers, earning their complete satisfaction.

  • High quality stylish top tier furniture pieces at reasonable prices
  • High customer satisfaction
  • 100% sourcing ability for retailers

Acrylic furniture Product Detailed

 Name JC
Place of Origin China
Province Zhejiang
Type Decorative crafts
Feature Practical
Product name Acrylic furniture
Color CMYK
Material Plastic plexiglass Acrylic
Size Customized
Design Accept Custom Designs
Sample time 5-7days
Logo Support print your logo
MOQ4 400pcs
Packing 1pc/opp Bag
What is the lead time for custom orders?

We will reach out to you to collect the details of your order and go from there. Once your order has been created and approved by our team, it will be shipped to you. Depending on your location, shipping can take 5–15 business days. If you have placed a custom order and have questions about the process, please feel free to contact our team at help sales@wzjcplastic.com

You can also track the progress of your order with our order tracking tool. Remember to keep an eye on the status of your order to avoid any delays. When placing an order, be sure to have all of the necessary details and materials ready.

Once again, if you have any questions or concerns, be sure to reach out to our team and we will be happy to assist you.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email confirmation with details about your order and a unique tracking code. You can track the progress of your order from the ‘My Account’ tab on our website.

How Should I Clean Acrylic Furniture and how Can I Remove Scratches from Acrylic Furniture?

Like glass, acrylic furniture is incredibly simple to clean. It is very simple to clean something that is dirty. All you need is a soft cloth, water, and soap, and you’re good to go.

The barstools will only need to be cleaned with soap and water before someone sits on them because it dries very quickly. This simple cleaning method is very helpful, especially in high-traffic areas like bars, restaurants, and even at parties.

The sole precaution is to steer clear of using any potent chemicals that could cause the acrylic furniture to fog.

You should stay away from this because you might not be able to fix it.

Avoid using ammonia and acetate.

If you have scratches on acrylic furniture, it is usually advisable to look for professional assistance. However, you can use over-the-counter solutions to erase tiny scratches.

You can wash the scratched area with warm water and dishwashing liquid using a damp sponge or soft cotton. After that, give it a good rinse under warm water. Do not use any abrasive cleaning products or pads.

Once you’re finished, dry the surface. Take some white polish compound. Using a clean, soft cloth, polish the compound with water. Pay close attention to the cleaning instructions labelled to make sure they are safe to use on acrylic.

When polishing and buffing the surface, use a gentle circular motion and the compound.

Will Acrylic Furniture Melt and can I put them in the sun?

You shouldn’t be concerned about acrylic furniture melting unless you want to use it specifically as a barbeque item.

Our furniture made of acrylic won’t melt until it hits 320 degrees.

This characteristic contributes to the high durability of acrylic furniture.

When handling hot things from the stove or oven, it is however advisable to use a trivet stand or a protective material.

Acrylic furniture won’t be harmed by sunlight, unlike what many people prefer to think. Natural gas is used to make acrylic furniture. It is inert, so when it’s solid, it won’t react and won’t turn yellow in the light.

Is Acrylic Furniture toxic or Safe for Use in a Child’s Room?

Acrylic furniture is not toxic. It is essentially a tough, moldable type of plastic. It is simple to generate them in many shapes because of this. It also has a very safe aspect.

It is free of the BPA (bisphenol-A) chemicals that are known to be present in the majority of plastics.

The majority of commercial products employ this synthetic chemical in some capacity.

This can be dangerous to the human body, but acrylic furniture offers a safety assurance because it doesn’t contain any such chemicals.

Acrylic furniture is also safe for the environment.

They can be used anywhere without risk because they are non-toxic.

The use of acrylic furniture in a child’s room is highly safe. Children won’t be harmed by it because it is non-hazardous. The substance is sturdy and secure.

Additionally durable and kid-safe, the material is sturdy and difficult to break.

There is no concern about acrylic furniture breaking and cutting the kids, unlike glass. Undoubtedly, it is a piece of furniture that can be used everywhere in the home.

How do You Make Dull Acrylic Furniture to Shine?

Your acrylic furniture may get duller than when it was first purchased. Do not be concerned about that. You can revive the original shiny surface and make acrylic furniture look brand new.

Use a clean, soft cotton cloth and car polish, plastic polish, or even car wax to repair it. Apply the polish to the acrylic furniture’s surface and gently rub it in a circular motion. Repeat as necessary until you are satisfied with the outcome, doing this in all areas.

If the acrylic furniture is still cloudy, you can carefully sand it with various grits before applying a more abrasive polish to the finish.

How Do You Protect Acrylic Furniture?

You must take careful care of your priceless acrylic furniture if you want it to last for a long time.

Utilize the Right Tools

Only use products that are designed to be used with acrylic materials, such as acrylic furniture. To clean the acrylic furniture, use a soft cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. The plastic furniture can wind up disintegrating or appearing foggy from other things.

Additionally, you must make sure the cloth is clean before using it. The acrylic furniture may become scratched if there are any little particles in the substance.

Utilize cleaners

Regularly wipe the surfaces to get rid of any dust and grime. Utilize cotton resources to polish the acrylic furnishings after cleaning them.

Acrylic Furniture Strong Enough?

Acrylic furniture is very strong, unlike many other furniture made of different materials like clear plastic and glass. It’s made from the same material that is used in architectural glazing applications. This is especially when there is a need for transparency and strong mechanical properties are required. Acrylic furniture is stiff and strong—it’s stronger than glass furniture by up to 17 times, meaning that it will take more effort to shatter acrylic furniture than it would take to break the glass.

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