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Are you troubled by looking for a suitable packaging gift box, acrylic box will be your most suitable choice.

  • Excellent weather resistance, good high-temperature performance
  • The wear resistance is close to that of aluminium, and the stability is good
  • The acrylic box is durable and durable, Custom size and  shape
  • Made of eco-friendly and recyclable acrylic material
  • Low MOQ 400pcs/customized design

JC is a profession custom acrylic gift Boxes Manufacturer

The acrylic box looks like glass on the outside and feels like plastic when using it, so it is very practical. In fact, the acrylic box has a crystal-like transparent effect.

More importantly, it is much lighter than glass, but its quality is much better than that of plastic. At the same time, the processing performance is good, and the pressure resistance is also strong and not easily deformed.

Because the acrylic material is non-toxic at room temperature, it has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection. And its application fields are very wide, food boxes, food cabinets, packaging gift boxes, wedding candy storage boxes, wedding hand companion gifts, etc., are all made of transparent acrylic materials, due to the high transparency of acrylic product boxes, the products can be better displayed so that consumers can better see the comprehensive product.

JC is an expert in the manufacture of acrylic products and supports various acrylic customization services. We mainly produce acrylic boxes, acrylic signs, animation acrylic standing cards, acrylic invitations, acrylic magnetic refrigerator magnets, etc. If you have any custom needs about acrylic, please send your design to us, we look forward to working with you.

Acrylic Gift Boxes Series

Custom High-quality PMMA acrylic/Lucite wedding gift box

Bamboo hand, with velvet decoration, 3mm thick transparent acrylic sheet

Valentine's Day Mother's Day Round Acrylic Rose Packaging Gift Box Batch

Flower decoration storage box, transparent plexiglass, custom gift box

Clear Acrylic Round Box with Bracelet Jewelry Box, Premium Wedding Gift Box

Wedding bridesmaid decoration empty gift box, wedding candy decoration box, circle handle

acrylic suit box

Transparent acrylic box custom logo, birthday gift decoration storage box.

Transparent plexiglass acrylic jewelry gift souvenir box, storage box

Exquisite high-end practical birthday gift decoration box, business holiday gift box

JC Acrylic Gift Boxes Competitive Advantage

Choose good materials
Choose good materials

The selection of new and high-quality acrylic materials can effectively guarantee the quality of the products so that customers can enjoy more cheap and high-quality products here. More competitive product quality assurance, better sales.

Have attentive service
Have attentive service

Provide customers with one-stop shopping and considerate after-sales service. For customized products, please contact our customer service staff, and we will quote you according to your requirements and choices.

higher cost performance
higher cost performance

The cost of proofing is low, the production efficiency is fast, the production cycle is short, and there are independent production workshops, R&D departments and mature sales and service teams to quickly complete customer products.

Import brand new equipment
Import new equipment

The introduction of brand-new machinery and equipment, together with experienced equipment operators, can effectively improve product quality and allow customers to customize products with peace of mind.

Acrylic Flower Box

Acrylic clear hand-held flower boxes can be used for flower preservation, birthday gifts, souvenirs, etc. The recommended size is 34.5*23*8cm, we also support other sizes of custom designs, by adopting modern design solutions, we can provide you with a variety of high-quality acrylic flower boxes.

The biggest advantage of acrylic flower boxes is that they are not easy to break, are corrosion-resistant, and can display your beautiful flowers to the greatest extent. The surface of the acrylic flower box has drainage holes, which is more conducive to the long-term preservation of flowers.

flowers acrylic boxes
christmas new year creative gift box

Acrylic Wedding Portable Decoration Box

The clear acrylic portable gift box is perfect for applications such as parties or weddings. We provide customized acrylic transparent boxes with more craftsmanship, providing you with a personalized and unique design for your box, and at the same time, it can be matched with more accessories to make your products more eye-catching

Acrylic Bamboo Carrying Box

Acrylic sub velvet suitcase is made of 3mm thick high transparent acrylic sheet, the general size is 17*11*16cm, the height of the bamboo handle of the portable part is 10cm, and the front is equipped with metal lock accessories, which can better set off the simple, atmospheric and transparent box. texture. The storage space inside can generally place cosmetics, wedding candy, and food. The top lid comes with a variety of colour options to support custom options.

acrylic bridesmaid tote bag

JC Acrylic Boxes Project Custom Case

Acrylic transparent gift box

Customized wholesale long tube belt portable acrylic display box, wedding gift box, recommended size 18.5cm*17cm.

Belt portable vertical barrel gift box

Round belt portable gift box, outer diameter 24cm*8.5cm, using translucent acrylic 3mm thick plate。 Support custom logo, the surface is waterproof, wear-resistant, and can be used for a long time.

Creative acrylic special-shaped gift box

LOVE special-shaped business gift flower packaging boxes, size 23.5*20cm, which can store cosmetics, cards, and flowers.

Wholesale acrylic wedding card box-banner
Wholesale acrylic wedding card box -JC in Chian

We supported custom acrylic boxes of various crafts, acrylic game boxes, gift boxes, flower boxes, and display boxes, the most suitable acrylic custom expert for your project.

JC Professional Acrylic Gift Boxes Manufacturing Factory

JC Custom Acrylic Gift Boxes

Customized acrylic gift boxes can be used to store unique gifts, when you give your friends, clients, leaders, or classmates, they will be shocked. With unique creative design, full of personality, make your product more memorable. Acrylic’s inherent high-quality texture, with a strong nobility and gentleness, is very eye-catching no matter what it is paired with. The golden-coloured raffia on the pad glitters under the light, making it more beautiful.

We focus on custom-designed acrylic gift boxes. We choose high-quality acrylic sheets to ensure that each acrylic gift box has a high-quality guarantee, the price sold by the manufacturer, fast delivery, and more competitive prices. We are equipped with professional quality inspectors to ensure that each product has zero defects, JC is the most trusted manufacturer for your project.

  • Acrylic Game Boxes
  • Acrylic Gift Boxes
  • Acrylic Flower Boxes
  • Acrylic Display Boxes
  • Acrylic Food Candy Boxes
  • Acrylic Makeup Organizer
  • Acrylic Storage Boxes
JC is the best acrylic gift box maker on the market for your project.

Looking for a professional, reliable, and competitive acrylic gift box manufacturer is an annoying thing. But JC’s professional services make it easier for you to customize your project. JC is committed to providing one-stop customization services for acrylic products. Acrylic manufacturers can customize various shapes, sizes and thicknesses according to the requirements of your project. Choosing JC will be a good start for your project.

The difference between acrylic gift box and ordinary gift box?

The characteristics of ordinary gift box-making equipment. Generally, the production of ordinary gift boxes is very complicated. First, pay attention to selecting the appropriate paper shell, and then make the raw materials into gift boxes of different sizes. For some colour printing requirements, you can directly choose different colours and raw materials to make, and Pay attention to the reasonable collocation between different colours, so as to ensure that there will be no colour confusion.

The characteristics of acrylic gift box-making design. The acrylic gift box has strong moisture resistance, and it is dozens or even a hundred times that of the ordinary gift box when in use, and the acrylic gift box is transparent, you can clearly see the contents, and you can directly print the pattern you want on it.

What are the unique advantages of acrylic gift boxes?

For products, only by accurately conveying the delicious information of products to consumers can they more effectively promote consumers’ purchasing behaviour.

The transparent acrylic box allows customers to see the true face of the product 360 degrees, giving the product more opportunities to display. not only store moisture-proof, block dust, beautiful and orderly, but also very textured, which greatly enhances the attractiveness of the product.

How thick is the acrylic sheet for the acrylic gift box?

We generally use 3mm to 5mm thick acrylic sheets, you can choose the appropriate sheet thickness according to the needs of your project, and we will make a professional and fast quotation according to your needs.

Why do most wholesalers choose acrylic gift boxes?

First, the paper box is easy to break and turn yellow over time, and the glass box is not only vacuumed but also easily broken if not careful. Acrylic boxes have advantages that they do not have. The surface of the acrylic box will be round and smooth, and even if it is touched by hand, it will not leave obvious marks.

Second, the transparency of the acrylic box is very good, which is higher than the light transmission performance of glass products.

Third, the acrylic box has another feature. The colour of the entire product is very uniform, and the overall effect will be very good.

Fourth, the acrylic box also has strong stability and good pressure-bearing capacity.

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