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  • Material Thickness: 2mm to 10mm Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet
  • Size: Customized size and shape
  • Printing Design: Customized logo
  • MOQ:300pcs
  • Sample: Yes
  • Sample Time: 5-7days
  • Sample Cost: According to sample requirements
  • Feature: High-precision laser cutting
  • Process: UV Colour Print
  • Package: OPP, Bubble Bag, Paper Box
  • Custom engraved pattern is very legible and durable
  • Large Selection of Colors and Styles
  • Custom Hole Placement
  • Custom Shapes, Sizes, Printing Brand Logo, Rounded Corners,
  • Delivery: Need to confirm again when the customer approved the artwork samples.
  • Send me your customized file format for AI CDR PDF
  • Choose sheet thickness and Size
  • Go ahead with the sample
  • Send out a sample for your checking
  • Last The Mass Production
  • Sea Shipping, Air Shipping And Courier Shipping
  • Shipping Way Based On Order Quantity, Volume And Weight
  • FOB Term, Shipt Your Forwarder Warehouse
  • EXW Factory, Pick Up Cargo From Our Warehouse
  • DDU, Ship From Our Warehouse To Your Address Directly
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • T T
card grabber keychain

JC Card Grabber Keychain

Huffle puff Customizable Acrylics Card Grabber and Keychain

The keychain, card holder and even the puff balls on this exquisitely handcrafted acrylic keychain are all very useful. It is incredibly efficient and safe. Additionally, it has soft artificial rabbit fur balls to help you relax. You’re no longer concerned that you won’t be able to get your card out. An effective boost in card grip and damage protection is provided by this unique custom acrylic keychain.

Your long nails will be fully protected from harm if you have this card grabber acrylic keychain. Keep your anxieties at bay. Simply engage the clip and attach it to the credit card. In order for the card to be easily removed from any machine, make sure the gripper is holding the card firmly.

JC Acrylic Photo Keychain

Customizable Classic Photo Acrylic Keychain

This custom acrylic keychain is ideal for both crowdsourcing and giving as a personal gift. It may be personalized by having any image you choose printed on it, turning it into a printed acrylic chain. It is also a really great option for gifts or customized keychains. Our laser-cut, clear, and premium-printed acrylic keychains feature clean edges and are of the highest quality. These key rings are constructed of lightweight, high-quality acrylic that may be customized with vibrant colours.

This traditional acrylic keychain is not only incredibly strong and pleasant to the touch, but it can also function as the ideal accessory. Friends and relatives who have a lot of keys should definitely get this card grabber keychain. There is no limit to how many keys this keychain can hold.

acrylic photo keychain
JC Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Keychains

JC Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Keychains

Customizable Mom Plaque Acrylic Keychain.

These distinctive and cute custom Acrylic keychains are laser cut from plastic or acrylic and then UV printed for the best possible durability. They are stylish with glitter and vibrant hues to go with your outfit. Our keychain blanks are constructed using transparent and high-quality acrylic that is lightweight and easy to work with; as a result, there is no need to be concerned about any kind of cracks.

You will receive precise measurements and edges thanks to the well-polished edges. This custom acrylic keychain is the ideal present to give your mother or the mother of your kids. It is a kind and practical present.

JC Acrylic Keychain Manufacturer in China.

We can make personalized keychains in any shape, size, or colour of your choice as one of the best acrylic keychain makers and manufacturers in China. We are committed to ensuring that your personalized keyrings are created to perfection and to your specific taste so that you receive a smile and a rush of delight upon opening the delivered box.

For more than thirty years, we have been making and selling custom acrylic keychains, acrylic fridge magnets, acrylic badges, acrylic trophies and our latest products acrylic wedding invitations. We employ distinctive, bold colours with sparkling finishes for our in-house key chain designs. Custom keychains from JC Acrylics are very different from the trinkets you typically see in gift shops.

Customizable keychains make excellent keepsake gifts for guests who have come to celebrate life’s milestones with you and wish you well. You may easily get a keychain that you can customize for your business events, housewarming parties, or baby shower. The only thing stopping you from creating a unique keychain is your imagination. In a few simple, enjoyable actions, bring your dream design to life in a range of colours, sizes, and styles.

There are many big differences between our custom acrylic keychains and other suppliers. Most of their keychains printed with ordinary paper inserts are easy to fade. We use all imported UV printing equipment to ensure the quality and the patterns are clearer and more beautiful.

  • You can send us your ideas with a sketch of what you want.
  • Decide on the quantity and size.
  • Lastly, we enter our labs and create a stunning masterpiece exactly to your taste and preference.
  • Deliver it on your time and as when due.

A wide range of businesses and organizations can benefit from customized keyrings as excellent promotional materials. They are a creative and useful way to promote yourself or keep an occasion in people’s memories. They are also highly practical goods that the recipients would like to receive and will even thank you for.

  • Our business is customer oriented and customer satisfaction is our watchword.
  • Wholesale quantity of Acrylic keychain
  • On-time Delivery
  • Premium durable and lightweight acrylics keychain
  • Odourless and water-resistant custom acrylic keychains
  • Eco-friendly, premium quality and vibrantly colourful perfect for promotional gifts
  • Customizable with a holographic epoxy coating or glitter

About custom acrylic keychains more questions and know check here.

FAQ About Custom Acrylic keychain – JC (

1. What is the lead time for custom orders?

We’ll get in touch with you to get the specifics of your order. Your order will be mailed to you once it has been made and authorized by our staff. Shipping could take 5-15 business days, depending on where you are. You can reach our staff at  if you have inquiries about a custom order you have placed.

Our order monitoring tool also allows you to keep tabs on the status of your order. To avoid any delays, keep an eye on the status of your order. Make sure you have all of the required information and documents available before placing an order.

2. Can I customize my own keychain with anything I want?

Absolutely, Custom acrylic key chains are available from JC Acrylics in a variety of styles. There are many benefits to using acrylic as a material. It. It can be personalized with vibrant colors and shaped whatever you choose. As a result, JC Acrylics Keychain Manufacturer’s bespoke acrylic keychains provide a wide variety of handmade designs. They are constructed from a delicate-surfaced, clear acrylic sheet. Epoxy coating or holographic coating are options for customization.

Your JC Acrylics keychain can be created and personalized however you like. These keychains can be customized and are constructed of clear acrylic, which is strong and water-resistant. They also feature smooth edges and are exceedingly lightweight, so they will never fall off. Even different varieties are available.

3. Do you do rush orders?

It will take longer if you are ordering a highly customized product. Orders can be placed up to ten business days in advance. You can purchase a rush order if you require something more quickly than that. Priority will be given to rush orders, however, there is a surcharge.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer service if you have any queries or need assistance with your order. Email and chat are both available around-the-clock. We’ll get in touch with you to get the specifics of your order and then move forward. Your order will be mailed to you once it has been made and authorized by our staff. Shipping could take 5-15 business days, depending on where you are.

4. How are your products packed and what is the return policy?

All of our products are cushioned and packed properly and securely to guarantee that they arrive undamaged.

We pack each product into its own box and then add a small amount of cushioning to the edges to prevent it from moving around inside the box. We also make an effort to produce as little waste as possible while packing.

We kindly ask that you inspect your order when it is delivered and let the delivery service know immediately if there is any damage. If you see a mistake, do let us know immediately. We will put in reasonable efforts to bring the situation to your satisfaction. Due to the fact that they are made to your precise requirements, our products can only be returned for the aforementioned reasons.

5. Is Acrylic Keychain toxic or safe for use?

No, acrylic furniture is not harmful. Essentially, it is a sturdy, moldable kind of safe plastic. This makes it straightforward to generate them in a variety of shapes. It has a very safe aspect as well. The BPA compounds, which are known to be present in many plastic materials, are absent from it. Acrylic furniture provides a safety guarantee because it doesn’t include any of these chemicals, which can be harmful to human health.

Environmental safety is also a benefit of acrylic furniture. Because they are non-toxic, they can be used anyplace without risk.

Giving your kids this keychain is a safe way to show them how much you value their safety. In addition to being strong and kid-safe, the material is also hard to break.

6. Is an Acrylic keychain durable enough to be carried everywhere?

Unlike many other pieces of furniture made of various materials, such as clear plastic and glass, acrylic keychains are quite sturdy. The same substance is employed in its construction as in applications for architectural glazing. This is especially true when transparent materials with powerful mechanical characteristics are needed. It will require more force to break acrylic furniture than it would to break glass since acrylic is rigid and strong—up to 17 times stronger than glass.

6. What is an acrylic keychain?

The acrylic key is also called plexiglass. The key ring part can be made of different shapes, sizes and specifications according to requirements; the pendant part is made of transparent acrylic material. According to the requirements, we can produce products of different shapes, sizes and specifications, and can print corporate LOGO patterns and cartoon shapes.

7. The application of acrylic key chain?

As a common item in our daily life, it can be said that we can see it in many places, and it is an ideal gift for various corporate promotional activities. The application range of acrylic keychains is very wide. Products are widely used in advertising, event promotions, business exhibitions, festival promotions, sports events, life gifts, company gifts, toy gifts and other fields.

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