JC Acrylic Table Top Manufacturer

At JC Acrylic table tops manufacturing we provide standard acrylic table top quality products, we ensure professionalism and entrepreneur integrity for life-long partnership, good customer experience, and on-time delivery.

  • We provide standard quality products – To guarantee this we have third-party quality control.
  • Standard quality at cost-friendly prices – As a professional experienced acrylic table manufacturer we understand how to control the cost of our product while also ensuring standard products are produced.
  • JC creates customized products according to your designs.
  • Quick Response – We answer all questions within 8 hours.
  • We prioritized safety in the production of our products.
  • Delivery of goods is not the end of the order, we ensure customers’ satisfaction is met.
  • Low MOQ 400pcs/customized design

JC Professional Acrylic Table Manufacturers

    A company established to provide top-notch quality standard tables as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) & ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). Our focus is on manufacturing top-quality modern design acrylic tables including various customized acrylic table tops with colourful designs. Our products are exported all over the world at affordable prices.

Manufacturing: Via our manufacturing service, we reduce your costs, fast-track the delivery of your product to market and assist you to gain a competitive edge.

Experience: Over 5 years + in manufacturing acrylic table tops products, we understand what your needs are and we know how to provide solutions to your desired acrylic table tops design.

Wholesale: We also produce in bulk qualities for wholesalers or resellers at a reasonable bulk price for resale.

Acrylic Table Series

Sofa Side C Shaped Accent End Table for Living room, workplace, rest room, acrylic side table

The clear acrylic elegant design makes it decorative & functional. An end table that can be used to decorate your dressing room, living room, entry room.

Plexi Minimal Design Table made from with glass material, acrylic coffee table, side table

Designed with 5 mm thick special plexi material. A specially designed coffee table that can be used at home, office and other places.

Round blue colorful Coffee Table, acrylic side table, coffee table, colourful décor Retro décor

A stylish round side table that can last a lifetime when used with care. An end or side beautifully shaped & charming round table that is perfect for interior decoration.

Acrylic End Table, Side table for office, Living Room & Bedroom. 20.3 inch high

The exceptionally modern design of this table makes it an elegant end table that fits in easily, nice looking, relaxed and comfortable round table.

Bright Color Acrylic Waterfall Rectangular Coffee Table, Living room table

Made with 1-inch thick acrylic and waterfall rounded corners. A minimal, Lucite cocktail table, perfect for living room, retro style coffee table that suits any modern décor.

Acrylic Foldable Tray Table, Modern Acrylic Side End table, 23 inch high

Made from 100 % high-quality transparent acrylic, already assembled. Simple & modern, light weight and foldable. A small side table that fits in any room.

Pink Orange Transparent Colorful Acrylic Stand and Table for Living Room, acrylic tables

Table/Stand made from quality acrylic material can be handmade within 14 days, American style, original condition unaltered, mint condition, no imperfection.

Acrylic End Table, Side table for office, Living Room & Bedroom. 20.3 inch high

A multipurpose acrylic end table that makes your living room more elegant, modern design, does not require assembling and enjoy immediately when received.

Modern Clear coffee Table handmade from acrylic Plexiglass, acrylic round table

Decorate your room with a simple quality magical modern coffee table. Let’s embellish your home!

JC Acrylic Table Advantage

Non-toxic and tasteless
Non-toxic and tasteless
High Transmittance
High Transmittance
Corrosion resistance
Corrosion resistance

Acrylic Coffee Table Rack

A transparent Plexiglass acrylic sheet coffee display rack built with acrylic material has open compartments that let you easily view and pick coffee cups from the rack. It has 4 compartments where you can display and place made coffees in attractive mugs & jars.

The rack can be used to display figures, collections, and dolls (multipurpose rack). Great interior décor for college dorms, bedrooms, playrooms, apartments, homes, living rooms, condos and many more.

acrylic coffee table rack
 Acrylic Table Flat Artwork Drawing File

 Acrylic Table Flat Artwork Drawing File

With over 5 years+ of experience in the acrylic table manufacturing industry, we offer a free sketch of acrylic designs to our customers. We design unique acrylic tables to meet customers’ satisfaction and at JC acrylic table manufacturing we also listen & engage with our customers to know the type of designs they want.

JC Acrylic Side Table Supplier

Stile Blue Side Table, End Table Circular Acrylic Table, Modern acrylic table

Handmade blue circular acrylic side table available in bulk at wholesale, reseller price (good – profit margin). The product takes up to 12-14days to create, modern style, no imperfection, original condition unaltered. Available in blue & pink colours. With a width size of 18 inches, and a height of 22 inches. Custom sizes are available. A coffee table, and a side table that gives your room a stunning look.

Calini Coffe Table – Sparkling multi-coloured coffee table, Circular side table, end table, Acrylic crystal table design

We supply in bulk quantities to wholesalers or resellers at wholesale prices. Our Crystal designed calini coffee table is a lovely combination of a circular top with clean geometrical legs. This outstanding coffee table’s attributes include different colours from different angles, charming and tasteful. Made from a spectacular acrylic material that doesn’t break easily.

JC Customized Acrylic Table Project Case

Designed Acrylic Colorful Round Center Table, round coffee table, simple living room, transparent, retro wave

Made with acrylic material (Handmade), ultra-modern design, Scandinavian – inspired table design. A table made of durable, clear transparent acrylic with wavy edges. A table design perfect for modern spaces.

Green Colorful Acrylic Table design, Coffee table, acrylic table for living room

Handmade transparent acrylic table design. Production takes up to 14 days, American style contemporary with a width of 25 cm, and 18cm tall. Original condition, no imperfection, available in different colours (yellow, pink, & orange). In the case where there are no custom colours the default colours will be applied.

Transparent Side Acrylic TableClear Coffee Table Clear End Table Coffee Table

Handmade side table made from acrylic material, 10 mm thick Lucite material with a height of 19.75 inches. A multipurpose table design that can be used as an end table, coffee table, and accent table for drinking. Design inspiration from modern-day designs for homes. Transparent décor, a taste of innovative ideas, and natural light. The piece is made unique, and easy to move around to where ever you want to read a book, drink coffee/tea/ wine and so on.

Colorful Two color Acrylic Center Table, Round coffee table

Made with acrylic material (handmade). Production takes up to 12 – 14 days. Custom colours are available, no imperfection, round the shaped design, is made from 10 mm thick Lucite material. Gives your living room a stunning look (Modern – design).

Acrylic Lamp Table with Magazine Rack, acrylic magazine racks, acrylic tables

A nice styled table that looks fantastic in the living room, lounge, or office, and offers a cheaper lighter & safer alternative to glass or wood. The product is not only stylish but also practical because of the ample storage space underneath where you can put TV guides, magazines or remotes.

JC Professional Acrylic Table Manufacturing Factory

  • I’m super excited with JC Acrylic Table Tops Manufacturer their designs are unique & stunning. Their products are of high quality. I have used other acrylic table tops manufacturers, but their products are the best. Definitely recommend their service.

  • I do not need to worry about getting another plug for acrylic table design manufacturer again. Dealing with JC Acrylic Table Tops Manufacturer as a reseller was a very pleasant experience their product is as described and they are timely

  • JC Company creates great beautiful, quality, well-packaged, and they pay attention to details when producing products. Quick response & fast delivery. I will definitely order again!

  • JC Company creates great beautiful, quality, well-packaged, and they pay attention to details when producing products. Quick response & fast delivery. I will definitely order again!


JC Custom Acrylic Table Wholesale

At JC acrylic table manufacturing we are also empowering entrepreneurs (wholesalers & resellers) all over the world to improve their businesses and achieve their dreams. The future is local customers are now opting out to support local shops more than box chains. With our custom wholesale package, we will help small businesses to grow by selling to them at a reasonable price at which they can resell and make a good profit margin.

  • Incentives for satisfactory sales performance
  • Provision of sales materials
  • Preferred treatment
  • Communication and engagement
What are the Importance of Acrylic Table Tops?

Acrylic has plenty of advantages over its alternatives. Important reasons why acrylic is given preference over glass and other alternatives include:

  • Visual Clarity & Transparency

Just like glass acrylic table tops are transparent. It joins with the top of tables easily without causing any changes in the appearance of furniture design. This gives your furniture an expensive and newer look.

  • Intense Heat Resistance

It tolerates high-level of heat/ temperature and has thermal resistant than most polymers. Worry less when you drop hot tea, coffee, or hot substances on it as it does not harm it.

  • Impact & Shatter Resistance

It has 17times more impact resistance than glass. You don’t need to worry about your kids dropping something heavy on it, acrylic will not crack. Acrylic doesn’t shatter easily, if it does it breaks into big pieces that make it easier to clean thereby making your home safer for kids. It is 2X stronger than glass.

Why do you Need Acrylic Table Top?

Furniture pieces do wear off with time you may have some particular ones you love especially and you need to replace them. With the massive inflation that occurs every year buying new furniture can be very expensive.

A sustainable way of protecting your furniture for decades is using acrylic table tops. It gives your furniture that stunning new look and it lasts much longer than regulars. Below are reasons you need acrylic table tops:

  • Shield for Spills

Most times you may keep wine, coffee, and tea on your table while drinking. When they accidentally spill on wood/sunmica it leaves stains that are hard to clean. Because of the acidic nature of woods, wine spills cause more harm to woods. Acrylic table tops do not get stained by spills because they are resistant to them and are easy to clean without leaving permanent stains.

  • It Protects against Scratches and Dust Particles

In case you see any scratches they can easily be removed through polishing and easily wipe off the dust with a cloth. Should in the case where you see scratches over time, a new acrylic table top is cheaper than polishing furniture.


How to Maintain & Clean Acrylic Table

When compared to glass or wood acrylic table tops are very easy to clean. When an acrylic table is cleaned regularly it doesn’t lose its shine and looks new for years. Cleaning an acrylic table does not take much time and the process is best done 1- 2 times in 14 days. For proper maintenance & cleaning of acrylic tables, you should follow these directions:

  • When cleaning, do not use any cleaner that contains ammonia. This is because ammonia causes acrylic to become cloudy and it cannot be fixed. Ensure you always clean with an ammonia-free cleaner.
  • Never use an abrasive cloth to clean the acrylic surface. To clean easily, just dip a soft cloth in the cleanser and clean. Wipe the surface of the acrylic slowly & gently.
  • Ensure that no water/cleanser marks are left on that no water/cleanser as ammonia. actions
Are Acrylic Table Tops Harmed by Metal Objects?

Sharp-edged metal objects sometimes scratch the surface of the acrylic table top. How can you avoid getting your acrylic table scratched? By putting objects on the top of adhering pad instead of the direct acrylic surface.

Adhering pads also add more beauty to your table by making it more attractive. It comes in a variety of designs. Adhering pads help to protect the acrylic surface underneath from any damage due to sharp objects.

How to Remove Scratches from Acrylic Table Tops?

You can easily get rid of scratches on your acrylic table top. Things you need to remove these scratches are 800 grit sandpaper, 1200 grit sandpaper, plastic polish, and water.

1st Step – Wet the 800 grit sandpaper with some water, and in circular motion rub it on the scratched area. This process should be repeated with dry sandpaper. Alternate the wet and dry sandpapers for 4 minutes. At first, your table might look frosty, but it will disappear later on while carrying out the procedure.

2nd Step – For the 1200 grit sandpaper, repeat the same procedure. With a soft dry cloth clean the area. To make the acrylic table top look stunning as it was before scratch, apply plastic polish.

Note: In the case where the scratch is deeper, you need 600 grit sandpaper alongside 800 & 1200 grit sandpaper. Apply the 600-grit wet sandpaper first afterwards, use the dry one. For the 800 & 1200 grit sandpaper repeat the same procedure. To make the acrylic table top look stunning back like before, apply plastic polish.

It is best to get a new acrylic table top when the scratches are deeper than 5 mm.

What are the Quality Standards Available for Acrylic Table Tops?

For every purpose you want to use acrylic sheets, it is important to perform some tests to ensure they can serve the purpose they will be used for! Acrylic sheets are used by many industries and households, manufacturers must perform a quality standard check before products are sent to the markets.

Here are acrylic sheets’ quality standards:

  • ASTM Standard

Evaluation of quality standards is based on parameters and properties. For PMMA moulding & extrusion. ASTM provides different standards which are

  • D570 – Test for water absorption
  • D638 – Testing the tensile properties of the polymer

D1044 – Tests resistance of transparent plastic to surface abrasion.

  • IS 14753

A quality standard check that encompasses the methods of sampling and testing acrylic sheets. To ensure reliable tests for product standards it undergoes revision frequently. Test performed includes:

  • ISO 13360 (Section 5)

A test that monitors the appearance of sheets. Surface defects shouldn’t be larger than 5 mm2. Foreign particle inclusion shouldn’t be present.

  • ISO 13360 (Section 6)

A test that evaluates optical properties.

  • ISO 527 – I

Tensile properties acrylic sheet test.

Acrylic Table Tops are made from?

The acrylic chemical compound is known as PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate), a clear thermoplastic that is often available in form of sheets. An economical alternative to glass acrylic and it has started gaining popularity as an alternative.

It has lightweight unlike glass and doesn’t break easily, it has better tensile strength, ultraviolet tolerance, and polish when compared to polycarbonate. It is harmless because it does not contain bisphenol units that are mostly in polycarbonate.  The casting of cells helps to produce high-quality polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and constant rubber toughing help to vanquish its figure.

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