Acrylic Tray With Handles

  • Product Name: acrylic tray with handles
  • Size: 30.4×30.4×6.6cm ,12x12x2.6in
  • Colour:  Clear, Transparent
  • Material: Lucite Plate, Plexiglass Sheet
  • Thickness:3mm-5mm
  • Weight:0.8-1.5kg
  • Sample: Yes
  • Sample Time:5-7days
  • Sample Cost: According to sample requirements
  • MOQ:500-1000pcs
  • Process: Hand pieced
  • Package: Bubble bag, Paper Box
  • Custom Size, 30.4×30.4×6.6cm ,12x12x2.6in , OEM & ODM
  • Material: Acrylic Sheet, Plastic Sheet, Plexiglass Sheet , Lucite Sheet
  • Silver metal stainless steel handle 5mm thick transparent acrylic tray
  • Custom Shapes, Colour, Thickness, UV Print Logo
  • Diamond polishing, drilling, laser cutting, bonding, laminating
  • New acrylic material, high-definition transparent, strict quality control, reliable quality
  • Send me your customized file format for AI CDR PDF
  • Choose sheet thickness and Size
  • Go ahead with the sample
  • Send out a sample for your checking
  • Last The Mass Production
  • Sea Shipping, Air Shipping And Courier Shipping
  • Shipping Way Based On Order Quantity, Volume And Weight
  • FOB Term, Shipt Your Forwarder Warehouse
  • EXW Factory, Pick Up Cargo From Our Warehouse
  • DDU, Ship From Our Warehouse To Your Address Directly

The price of customized products depends on various factors such as the materials, size, shape, thickness, design complexity, order quantity, destination country’s customs duties, and transportation costs, etc. Generally, compared to standard products, customized products are more competitive and unique because the manufacturing process requires more labour, time, and resources. The price of customized products is customized based on various factors and varies for each project. Therefore, customers should contact us as soon as possible to obtain an accurate price estimate.

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Acrylic Tray With Handles

Product Description:

The transparent Lucite tray with metal stainless steel handles is a high-quality and stylish product. It is made of high-quality and environmentally-friendly Plexiglass acrylic material with excellent durability and transparency, making it perfect for showcasing your items. The tray edge is finely brushed to enhance its beauty and prevent scratches.

The transparent plexiglass acrylic tray with handles features a convenient handle design that makes it easy to carry and move around, with a comfortable feel. This tray also features an anti-slip design that makes it more stable and reliable, preventing items from slipping, and making it very practical.

This transparent acrylic tray with handles is suitable for various occasions such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and offices, and can be used to hold items such as tea cups, water cups, cosmetics, and food. Furthermore, it can also be used as an exquisite gift for your family and friends, making it an excellent choice.


1. High-Quality Material: The tray is made of high-quality acrylic material that is smooth, durable, and can be used for a long time without ageing, deformation, and other issues. It has high transparency that perfectly displays your items.

2. Handle Design: The tray’s edge comes with a metal stainless steel handle with a delicate design and comfortable feel, making it convenient to carry and move, making the tray more practical.

3. Exquisite Appearance: The tray has an exquisite overall appearance, with a simple and beautiful design, with the transparent acrylic material and metal stainless steel handles complementing each other, displaying a high-class, stylish style.

4. Easy to Clean: The Lucite material surface is smooth and easy to clean, just wiping it gently with a wet cloth will do, without leaving scratches or stains, making it convenient and practical.

5. Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly: The acrylic material is non-toxic, harmless, and meets environmental protection standards, safe and reliable to use, and harmless to human health.

6. Versatile: This tray is suitable for various occasions, such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and offices, and can be used to hold items such as tea cups, water cups, cosmetics, and food, making it very practical. It can also be used as an exquisite gift for family and friends, making it an excellent choice.

JC Lucite Tray Advantage:
  1. Customization: We can customize our organic glass trays according to customers’ needs and requirements, including size, colour, shape, etc., to meet their special needs and increase their satisfaction.
  2. Reliable Quality: Our organic glass trays are made of high-quality organic glass materials, ensuring reliable quality and resistance to breakage, deformation, and other phenomena, with high durability and stability.
  3. Short Production Cycle: With complete production equipment and processes, we can quickly and efficiently complete the production of organic glass trays, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of delivery.
  4. Competitive Price: Compared to common trays in the market, our customized organic glass trays are more affordable and have a higher cost-performance ratio.
  5. Advanced Technology: With advanced production technology and a professional technical team, we can provide customers with professional design and manufacturing services, ensuring the quality and craftsmanship of organic glass trays.
  6. Our customized organic glass trays have the advantages of customization, reliable quality, short production cycles, competitive prices, and advanced technology, which can provide customers with better products and services.

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