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Don’t know how to express your gratitude and regard for your employees, mates?

Don’t fret, we got you covered at JC Acrylic Trophies.

  • Customizable Color and Engraving Acrylic Trophies
  • Affordable, durable, and non-tarnishing trophies.
  • Versatile for any type of award ceremony, from dinner to corporate awards.
  • Fast and On-time Delivery
  • Low MOQ 400pcs/customized design

JC Acrylic Trophy Manufacturer

We are a manufacturing company that sells Acrylic Products or Crystal Trophies in wholesale quantities to businesses, companies, individuals, and retailers. Giving a trophy or award is a powerful, emotional gesture and you want to make it count at the same time exhibit your appreciation and admiration for the award recipient. You want to instil your appreciation for the type of value they bring to the business and tell them you appreciate them more than they think.

We are a new century company that is primarily into wholesale distribution and selling of Custom made Acrylic Trophies. One of our key goals and vision is to produce the best types of awards that our customers will be proud of to give their employees, students, community members,s or deserving individuals that would reflect exactly how you feel about their commitment and dedication towards the development of the company or for making good grades.

We specialize in plexiglass acrylic trophies and awards in different shapes and colours to help you create a unique award ceremony for your company, event, or as a personal gift. We also provide quick turnarounds on rush orders and bulk pricing if you are looking to buy larger quantities. By the way, we pride ourselves on being a low-cost, high-custom award manufacturer. Prices depend on the size and design of the acrylic award. Our awards can be customized with your logo and text or they can be engraved.

Naturally, our materials are non-tarnishing and affordable without sacrificing quality. Don’t let the size fool you, our acrylic trophy is sleek and lightweight.

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Acrylic Trophy Series

Sail Shaped Blue Tinged Acrylic Trophy

This is a perfect classic trophy to award anyone for their success.

Fiery Star Acrylic Trophy

This is a perfect trophy to give anyone who has achieved a lot of milestones through determination and fire.

Blue Edge Monumental Acrylic Trophy

This trophy is a refined award that is suitable for recognizing individuals who have broken new grounds.

Aqua Flame Acrylic Trophy

Its flame shape and blue color it an eye-catching trophy.

Clear Cutting Flame Acrylic Trophy

An elegant and simple trophy with a smooth moulded inscription

Black Gold Acrylic Trophy

A luxurious trophy with a sturdy base and elegant sail shape.

Acrylic Trophy

This Acrylic Trophy is perfect for anyone who likes to show off their accomplishment.

Black Ice Acrylic Trophy

This is an elegant trophy to give to an emerging leader in the business. It is a beautiful tabletop accessory.

Clear Obelisk Acrylic Trophy

This versatile award is ideal for recognition of sales achievements, years of service, and employee of the month.

JC Acrylic Trophy Advantage

Rich production experience
Rich experience
Product production
Product production
Free Quote Plan
Free Quote Plan
Customized on demand
Customized on demand

Acrylic Trophy Flat Artwork File

A corporate professional design staff was once seen as a “nice to have” in Acrylics Trophy manufacturing companies, but those days are long gone. A corporate design team is now an essential component of a business that manufactures top-notch acrylic trophies and is focused on customer happiness.

Our team of designers at JC Acrylic has experience working on projects of various sizes and levels of complexity and is aware that having a dependable, committed, and well-organized design staff is essential to a project’s success.

Our design team is very knowledgeable about material properties and manufacturing techniques. As a result, we can work within our clients’ budgets and control expenditures. The team is renowned for its highly developed problem-solving abilities and creativity.

We are proud to have a group of carefully vetted professionals who excel in their particular areas of design. Our design team is set up appropriately to foster a design strategy culture where our designers are customer-focused and adept at matching clients’ design objectives with the best design strategy.

We have equipped our design team with the best of the best design tools to streamline their design process and deliver top-tier work for our clients.

Acrylic Trophy Flat Artwork Design File

JC's Most Trusted Acrylic Trophy Awards Manufacturing

crystal trophy

Constructed robustly from durable crystal material with an astonishing colour uv printed on it, this award is truly impressive as it is unique.

Whether it’s for your company’s top sales performer or the winner in any category of your award night, this trophy is a great way to show some well-deserved recognition.

So, sit back and enjoy the sweet taste of pride as you shower the winner of the category or a deserving worker with the adoration and envy of all those around you.

This Galaxy Crystal Trophy is a sure way for your awardees to have fond memories of your award night.

This top-of-the-line trophy is perfect for portraying luxury and elegance at any event.

It’s made of high-quality crystal material with top-notch craftsmanship. This trophy is very durable and non-tarnishing even in an outdoor environment.

You can add custom touches right from tweaks in the shape of the award to the engraving on it.

There’s the option to add different types of Colors to match your company brand or just have a Crystal clear award.

solid wood crystal trophy

For the winners in life, some things are just worth flaunting and this Customized Colorful Crystal Trophy with a wooden base finish is one of them. It is expertly crafted with a fusion of a wooden base finish and colour crystal. This trophy is perfect to say everything you need to say to acknowledge excellence.

This stunning acrylic trophy is perfect for rewarding your top performers. The monument-shaped design is bold and the sturdy wooden base ensures it will stay put even if the recipient is excitedly jumping up and down with excitement.

The monumental-shaped design is eye-catching, and the bright colour of the crystal part is sure to make your winner stand out in a crowd as the champion.

Choose the sleek Golden Pedestal and Bleu Ice Crystal Trophy to recognize your best and brightest!

Constructed from premium quality thick crystal and can be laser engraved with your company logo and congratulatory message.

Custom Acrylic Trophy Project

Customizable Transparent Star Acrylic Trophy

A star is born! This star-shaped acrylic trophy is perfect to commemorate any special achievement. The clear acrylic is durable and perfect to show off your engraving. Make it extra special by customizing it with your message to the lucky person to win it. The molded inscription is smooth and attractive.

Customizable Clear Monumental Acrylic Trophy

This sturdy and unique acrylic trophy is perfect for any award event! Our customizable clear acrylic trophy is the perfect trophy you have been searching for your special occasion! It is made of high quality and durable acrylic, making it a great choice for long-lasting memories. A lot of our customers fell in love with this award when they saw the unique design it comes with. The sleek design and sturdy base make this trophy a great choice for any event or occasion!

Soaring Squares Acrylic Trophy

The clear acrylic material ensures that your engraved message will be seen loud and clear. This is an ideal trophy for any corporate event or sports meet. The winner of the event can take home this sturdy and stylish acrylic trophy with fond memories.  It can be customized with the name of the event and the date and words of encouragement. This trophy is a great way to commemorate a special event.

Flustered Diamond Waves Clear Acrylic Trophy

Give that deserving employee a flustered edge diamond trophy that can be customized to what they have been able to accomplish in the company. What could be more unique than having a one-of-a-kind trophy as a desk accessory? This diamond-shaped award is perfect for any special occasion. This award is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their accomplishments. With a diamond shape and clear design, it is a natural trophy. The sturdy base makes it perfect for display, and the acrylic material is durable enough to withstand repeated use.

Ocean Ambience Acrylic Trophy

The sky is the limit with this customizable blue intrinsic-shaped trophy! With its blue-tinged acrylic design a stable base, this trophy is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re honouring a star performer or celebrating a special achievement, this unique trophy is sure to stand out. Thanks to its durable construction, you can proudly display this award for years to come.

Frosted Ice Acrylic Trophy

It’s an ideal award for schools, sports teams, and businesses to recognize students, employees, or colleagues who have shown a lot of effort and determination in their work. This trophy is perfect to give to the individual or team member that is ready to take the next step in their career. The sturdy base ensures that this trophy will last for years to come, and the included engraving part makes it easy to personalize. The sail shape and the clear part of the acrylic material make it easy to personalize this trophy with an engraving or a corporate logo to make it the perfect gift for the deserving person.

JC Professional Acrylic Trophy Manufacturing Factory

  • “We were searching for acrylic trophies to award our student participants, and JC Acrylic Trophy Manufacturing came through for us. The trophies were priced affordably and the quality was excellent. It was a tough choice because there were many factors to consider such as durability, color, and weight of the trophy. The customer service staff was patient with our decision and answered any questions we had in detail”. We are so glad we did business with them because all our winners absolutely loved their trophies.

  • “I recommend JC Acrylic Trophy Manufacturer to anyone who is looking for wholesale acrylic trophies. This company’s products are of the highest quality and the shipping is fast and on time. What you see is what you get and they are very durable as promised. I would do business with them again in the future”.

  • “I’m a repeat customer of this company for over 10 years and they have always managed to deliver top-notch trophies every time I order from them. They provide the best quality and cost-efficient acrylic trophies I know. You can get the trophies in any shape, different finishing, engraving, color, and size. The staffs are very helpful and patient to answer all my questions. Highly recommend”

    Pablo, U.K.
  • I am so glad I came across JC Acrylics. I was sceptical at first because it was the first time I was making such an order of fragile items but my fears were immediately placated by the customer care team with the assurance that my order would arrive safe and sound. And it did! No scratch, gleaming 50 Acrylic Trophies arrived on my doorstep exactly on the day it was supposed to.

    I highly recommend them!


JC Acrylic Trophy Awards Custom

Since the inception of our company, we’ve been number one in offering our customers the best quality Acrylic Trophies. Known for their eye-catching design, our bestselling acrylic trophies are in tandem with the prevailing market trends.

Being a top-quality focused name, we assure and ensure that the standard of our acrylic trophies isn’t compromised at our end.

Being one of the most reputed providers of acrylic trophies in China, we are offering these trophies at the most affordable rates with a variety of options to choose from.

We are dedicated to offering our customers the best quality acrylic trophies that are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs as per the requirement of our customers.

Acrylic trophies are widely used as a token of appreciation in various business events, corporate functions, academic events, school events, sports events, and other social gatherings.

These trophies are created with the help of the latest technology to make them look even more attractive and eye-catching. Moreover, we deliver these acrylic trophies to the client’s doorsteps within the specified period.

Be reminded that they can be personalized with company logos or engraved with text or graphics to make them more attractive.

Throughout this Acrylic Manufacturing business, we have been saddled with the undeniable reputation for excellence in our production and timely delivery of the best acrylic trophies, medals, and awards that are custom made to our customer’s specifications and gives them absolute satisfaction.

  • We have been running for more than 10 years
  • Our Acrylics are affordable and quality
  • We have an excellent working system of on-time delivery

Acrylic Trophy Awards Product  Detail

Craft UV and Engraving
 Name JC
Place of Origin China
Province Zhejiang
Type Crystal Trophy
Feature Clear
Product name  Acrylic Trophy
Colour CMYK
Material Acrylic Or Plexiglass
Size  customized
Design Accept Custom Designs
MOQ 400pcs
Sample Time 7-10days
What is the lead time for custom orders?

We will reach out to you to collect the details of your order and go from there. Once your order has been created and approved by our team, it will be shipped to you. Depending on your location, shipping can take 10–20 business days. If you have placed a custom order and have questions about the process, please feel free to contact our team at help

You can also track the progress of your order with our order tracking tool. Remember to keep an eye on the status of your order to avoid any delays. When placing an order, be sure to have all of the necessary details and materials ready.

Once again,  If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to reach out to our team and we will be happy to assist you.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email confirmation with details about your order and a unique tracking code. You can track the progress of your order from the ‘My Account’ tab on our website.

How do I know which type of trophy is the right purchase for my event?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a trophy or award. First and foremost, The trophy or award you are choosing should be something your recipients will be happy with. Second, the trophy or award should be appropriate for the occasion. Third, the type of inscription for any Trophy you select is also important and may be the best thing the receiver would love on the award. If this inscription is chosen carefully then you have made the right purchase.

Do you do rush orders?

If you’re ordering a very customized product, it will take longer. We accept orders up to 10 business days in advance. If you need something faster than that, then you can purchase a rush order. Rush orders will be given priority, but they do come with a premium.

If you have any questions or need help with your order, please don’t hesitate to contact customer care. They are available 24/7 via email and chat. We will reach out to you to collect the details of your order and go from there. Once your order has been created and approved by our team, it will be shipped to you. Depending on your location, shipping can take 10–20 business days.

What is the difference between plexiglass acrylic and Crystal trophies?

For most businesses and organizations, the cost of the awards or trophies given to their employees or clients is a major consideration. While crystal trophies are more expensive than acrylic trophies, they may also be a better choice for certain purposes. For example, many businesses give trophies to clients who are attending a conference or convention. For these types of trophies, a crystal trophy is a perfect choice, as it is less breakable and much more impressive than an acrylic trophy. However, for most businesses and organizations, the cost of the awards or trophies given to their employees or clients is a major consideration. While crystal trophies tend to be more valuable, acrylic trophies are a great way to show off your team or company’s pride without breaking the bank. This is also a great option if you are looking for something a little more flexible in terms of design and colour choices. Acrylic trophies are also a great option if your team or group is looking for something a little less weighty and expensive than traditional trophies. Acrylics are more lightweight than crystals and are a great choice for handing out at events where guests may not have a lot of space to store the trophy.

What are the types of awards that you offer?

We offer plexiglass acrylic Trophy and Crystal Trophies.

There are several plexiglass acrylic trophy options including soccer, basketball, baseball, and football. You can also choose the shape of any object that you desire.

The crystal acrylic trophies come in several shapes as well. You can select a soccer ball, cross, soccer boot, or another shape.

All of our products are made-to-order, which guarantees that you receive a unique piece of art. And all of our pieces are personalized – you can choose any design and have it printed with your text and/or logo. We also offer a wide range of finish options, such as custom colours and printing as well as fusion with wood and other materials.

We are confident that you will find something that suits your needs. Our products are designed and created with care, which is reflected in their high quality.

They can be personalized with your company’s logo or engraved with a message. They’re often used for employee recognition or customer appreciation events.

How are your products packed and what is the return policy?

All of our products are packed securely and safely with padding to ensure they arrive in one piece.

After placing each product in its box we add a little bit of padding at the edges to ensure a limit to its movement inside the box.  We also try to minimize the amount of waste generated during the packing process.

We ask that you check your order when it arrives and notify the carrier right once if there is any damage. Please contact us right away if you see a flaw. We will make every effort to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. Our products can only be returned for the reasons listed above because they are customized to your exact specifications.

Do you offer custom logo, text, and design services, how will the design be done and how much text can I add?

Yes, we can create custom designs. Send us your design in JPG or PDF format only. Additionally, we offer laser engraving and vivid printing with your logo. Send us your logo in PDF format only.

All awards are created by our graphics department. Each departmental employee has years of experience in the awards industry as well as graphic design expertise. Each award is sized, positioned, and centred. On our website, you may see examples of our work. Call or email us if you have any unique requests.

There is a proposed maximum number of lines of text that can be engraved in the text section of each award. If you try to engrave the prize too much, it could be hard to read. Usually, a line contains 4-6 words. Non-plaque awards include fewer words in each line, about 2-3. Engraving is free of additional fees.

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