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Thinking about making your house or office looks beautifully beautiful with different types of the acrylic vase? JC Acrylic Vase manufacturer and supplier in China is your best bet.

  • A durable acrylic vase that will last longer
  • Available for any purpose whether you need it to beautify your home or office.
  • It comes in different versions and style
  • Beautifully and carefully crafted to give that gives an irresistible stunning look
  • Low MOQ 400pcs/customized design

JC Acrylic Vase Manufacturer in china

A home is a place where we fall back into after a long day. It is a place where we always look forward to being to calm ourselves and think about how we can make tomorrow better after a terrific day. Therefore, isn’t that place needs to be serene and beautiful? If the answer is yes then you should agree with me that Acrylic Vase is what you need.

At JC Acrylic Vase, we have been in the system of crafting beautiful acrylic vases for years, and we pride ourselves on durable, quality, and long-lasting acrylic vases that can serve all kinds of purposes that you want them for. We are not only manufacturing, we also supply flower planters that want to beautify their work. Our acrylic vase is the best you can ever think of. We have it in different types of sizes and shapes as this will enable you to get the perfect one that will fit perfectly for the purpose you want it for.

JC Acrylic Vase Series

Acrylic Plexiglass Square Illustrator Decorative Vase

The durability and flexibility of this acrylic Plexiglas make it stand out. It can fit in any kind of environment either home or office. Custom Size or Shape, Thickness, Print your logo.

Colourful acrylic vase desktop decoration ornaments custom size

Bright up your home or office with this colourful acrylic vase. Whether you work from home or you have an office, this colourful acrylic vase will beautify the working environment.

Creative transparent acrylic vase living room decoration custom shape

The uniqueness of the vase is top-notch as it can comfortably accommodate your living room and complement the beauty of your living room

Transparent Acrylic Color Vases, Plastic Fountains Wholesale

The see-through colour vase could fit in both the home and office. It is good for a lover of nature as it has a water feature.

Art simple living room soft acrylic flower arrangement hydroponics

Give your living room that stunning look with this carefully crafted art. This craft can make you cultivate your plants without adding soil.

Acrylic vase custom geometric shape, translucent plexiglass

This vase is crafted in such a way that you can increase or decrease its size, and this makes it fit in perfectly for any purpose.

JC Acrylic Vase Custom Process

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Confirm information
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Proofing confirmation
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Pay the deposit
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Photo inspection
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Select from some of our beautifully crafted acrylic vases

We have carefully drafted some stunning acrylic vases for any kind of purpose. These vases were made from transparent thermoplastic homopolymer which is thicker than ordinary glass.

We have it in different colours and sizes which will enable it to fit in for any purpose you want it for either for your home or office. You can also grow a plant inside this acrylic vase without soil. Therefore, if you like to grow your plant indoors without having to mess up your hand or house with soil, you can go for any of the collections of these acrylic vases to grow your indoor plant.

Acrylic Vase

Choose JC Most Trusted Acrylic Vase Manufacturer

Located in China, JC acrylic vase manufacturer and supplier has been the best manufacturer and global supplier of acrylic products; specializing in high-end acrylic vases. We focus on offering our customers trendy vases suitable for home, office, and events décor. After years of crafting and dedication to creating quality products and offering services to our clients, we’ve become one of the top acrylic vase manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. We offer services to major vase wholesalers, stores, wedding and event planners, flower shops, and galleries.

Beautify your home with a custom-made acrylic vase that comes in different sizes and colors.

We have carefully selected and crafted a custom acrylic vase. This custom acrylic vase can fit perfectly in your living room. We have them in different sizes and colour ranges from transparent blue, translucent colourless, deep transparent pink, and many more. You can use one of these vases to decorate your home or better still you can combine the colours to make your home look stunning.

Also, if you are looking for a way to beautify your office environment, to complement its beauty with something unique this custom-made acrylic vase can fit into that.

Any color modern curved custom acrylic wave vase flower for any purpose

These colourful vases are beautifully and carefully crafted and designed with coloured acrylic which makes them look stunning and fascinating. They can be used to decorate both homes and offices. They are durable and have a water reservoir about two inches less than the height and these vases are 2-3 wide.

It comes in yellow/yellow waves, blue/yellow waves, orange flower waves, and black flower waves. All of them are made of top-quality acrylic flowers and contain vase fillers. Their purpose is not limited to home and office use they can also be used to decorate a restaurant, flower shop, thanksgiving, or giving as a gift. All sides of this vase are thickened designed and this makes it stand out from other ordinary acrylic vases.

Custom Acrylic Vase Project

Custom Acrylic vase that comes in geometric shape design with translucent Plexiglas

This custom acrylic vase is designed to fit perfectly in both the home and office. It is made with translucent Plexiglas which can accommodate any type of flower that is planted in the vase.

It also comes in a different colour which implies that you don’t have to stress yourself about changing the colour of your house to complement the custom acrylic vase. You can choose any type of colour that you think will add more taste and beautify your home or office. It is adjustable and durable.

Custom mug size acrylic vase for home and office

As some people want something big, some people also prefer something moderate and that is what a custom mug-size acrylic vase is all about. You can grow your flower or plant in this vase by just adding water, putting your plant or flower inside, and watching it germinate.

They also come in different colors which makes them perfect to fit-in in both home and office. You can put it on your living room centre table or office centre table, conference meeting centre table, or any other meeting place. Looking to beautify your home with this custom mug-size acrylic vase? They are available.

Art simple custom acrylic flower vase arrangement hydroponics for home and office

Simple yet dynamic custom-made acrylic flower vase. Aside from that, it comes in different sizes, it also has a different shape and that’s the dynamism of this flower vase. It is also crafted in such a way that it can hold your flower comfortably and it can sustain the life of such flower as long as it remains inside the vase. Think of something unique and dynamic, think of art custom acrylic flower vase arrangement hydroponics.

Colorful custom-made clear acrylic vase for a different purpose

Our colourful acrylic cylinder vase is a perfect centrepiece for your centre table. You can just place this colourful vase inside to create perfection for your floral arrangement. This affordable acrylic vase can help in showing off your centre tables in style at any function or venue.

  • Kinda disappointed with how it looked at first…. It’s very opaque and not transparent but I later realized I’m not getting it right, I had to peel off the protective layer on the outside! Guess what? It’s perfect now

  • I’m in love with these vases

  • Beautiful! Really well packaged. Exactly what I ordered.

    Melo ,Mexico

JC Acrylic Vase Wholesale & Custom

JC Acrylic Vase is a reputable company that deals with different kinds of acrylic vases. We are dedicated to providing you with top-notch and quality acrylic vases our experience in this field speaks volumes about our expertise. We produce acrylic vases in different types, shapes, and sizes and they are available in a wide variety of colours the durability of our products makes them stand out among other acrylic vases. We produce directly from the company and make custom-made for retailers or distributors also. Therefore, if you want to be an acrylic vase reseller, we can custom made it for you according to your specific needs.

This implies that you as a wholesaler or reseller can use your brand names and channels to enter the market and sell under your brand name. We can also deliver to wherever you are when you order large quantities. Also, note that the product will be designed and tailored to your specified needs which implies that you will be in charge of everything and own the copyright of the product. But be well assured that you will get nothing from us than the original product.

  • They are top listed when it comes to floral supply
  • They are suitable for home décor, office, and wedding event
  • They brought romantic events to life either through tables filled with candles or restaurant tables.
  • They are known for arranging fresh flowers, candle holders, and dried flora designs
  • They can also be used as storage containers and potpourri containers.

Our customer service is top notch and we have professional customer care representatives on standby to attend to your inquiries get in touch with us and join the league of dynamism.

Product Details

 Name JC
Place of Origin China
Province Zhejiang
Type Vase Decorative Storage Box
Feature Translucent
Product name Acrylic Vase
Colour CMYK
Material Translucent acrylic sheet
Size  customized/Print logo
Design Accept Custom Designs
MOQ 400pcs
Packing 1pc/opp Bag
Sample time 5-7days
Does the acrylic vase stay intact during transportation?

We carefully packed and packaged our acrylic vase before shipping it across to our various customers. We ensure that all the packages that will be delivered will be of good quality not dented or broken. We ensure that the acrylic vase will be wrapped with enough bubble wrap and tape the bubble wrap as this will prevent it from breaking or being dented. Also, we packed them individually and use newspaper to fill up the empty space and placed them in a box in such a way that they will not collide while it is been transported. Although they are not fragile we still have to be extra careful so that you received nothing but quality products.

How many quantities can I order?

You can order from 400 pcs  upward. We take delivery important and we ensure delivering on time without causing any delay. But note that the amount quantity you order will determine how fast we will get it delivered to you. Usually, ordering between 100 pieces to 1000 pieces takes a week before getting

it delivered. Therefore as we give room for large quantities, we also accept small order quantities. You can get in touch with us to request a custom-made acrylic vase also but it has to be in large quantities.

We can also send samples across to you, but you will have to pay for it including the shipment fee you will get a refund once you order a large quantity usually 400 – 3000 quantities and we will get it across to you.

Is OEM/ODM Available?

Yes, we accept OEM/ODM. We can customize each product to your specific needs this can include a logo and brand name. you can either choose from our specification or already made products and ask us to print your logo and brand name on it or rather you can come with your specification and we will design it perfectly to fit your specified needs. Therefore, if you want to be a mega distributor for our product, you are welcome or if you want a few pieces to distribute to friends and family either as a souvenir or distribute it to your workers as a form of appreciation or encouragement we can get it done for you.

How to go about it? All we need from you is the detail of what you want us to print on the vase for you either a logo, brand name, or your company name and we will print it on the product and get it across to you.

How can I raise an order?

We have made placing an order convenient as you don’t have to go through any hassle before you get in touch with us. You can get in touch directly with us by clicking on the contact button and our customer care representative is on standby to answer or attend to you.

We have a trained and professional customer care representative that will give you the best experience so feel free to get in touch with us and make an inquiry about our products or any other thing you need clarifications on. After you have gotten in touch to place your order, you will be asked for your details or where you want it to be delivered and once you provide that and payment has been confirmed, your order will be arranged and sent to the address you provided. And if we need any clarification or need to get in touch with you or update you regarding your order, we will send you an email therefore, if you didn’t hear from us kindly check your spam box as it might have dropped inside the spam box.

Is there a term of use for acrylic vases

Acrylic vases are known for being dynamic as they can be used for any type or kind of purpose. Aside from being popular to be flower arrangements and use for home decorations, the materials they are made from make them not to be porous and they are bacterial resistants. This makes it to be perfect for flora arrangements and aside from using it as a decoration, some are specifically made to serve as a food display. The acrylic vase comes in different styles and colors and they can last longer due to their durability. Acrylic vases are shatterproof and this makes them a great option to be used both indoors and outdoors and with no fear of getting them to break by children or pets. Therefore, the ability to accommodate different pressure makes them stands out among other vases.

Is the acrylic vase breakable?

To some extent yes! Although acrylic vases are durable and shatterproof which makes them last longer and they can not break anyhow. But yes they can break when a force or extreme pressure has been applied to them. Therefore, they deserve to be taken proper care of like other breakable vases. Some people will intentionally drop it or drop it with force all in the name of testing its durability and when it breaks, they blame the manufacturer for selling fake products to them. Please kindly note that acrylic vases also need to be handled with care.

Just like any other home decoration, an acrylic vase can also be fun and add more beauty to your home either in the rooms, dining table, centre table, or office space. They can also be used for decorating an event centre either, restaurant, hotel, or any other romantic place that needs to be added some glamour to. It beautifies the environment and makes it look serene and comforting to be therefore, such a piece also needs to be treated with care. Wash when needed and change the water frequently to avoid it giving some funny odour.

Can I get a recommended product?

Yes, we can recommend a product for you according to your need. If you found varieties of products and are dumbfounded you don’t know which one to go for, we can recommend them to you. The recommendation will be tailored according to the purpose you want it for. We will give you a proper consultation as this will help you to decide on which of the products will suit your needs. Also, we can make a custom design for you in case none of the products you see is not what you are looking for. Once you describe or give us the sketch of what you’re expecting or looking forward to getting, we will make a custom design and bring your imagination to life. All you have to do is to get in touch with us, provide us with your requirements, and watch us do the magic. If you will need to make an additional payment for the custom-built acrylic vase, our representatives will relate that to you. Send in your inquiry now and get a swift and prompt response.

Why should I trust your company?

We know that a lot of people have been a victim of scammers which makes them doubt whatever has to do with online transactions and you are not left out. To clear your curiosity, we have been in the system for years and we have been able to deliver our products to different parts of the world without any hassle or complaints. We pride ourselves on quality products and services as we have a name to protect and we will never do anything that will tarnish our image or brand name. We have a customer base relationship and we will keep updating you regarding your order until it finally reaches you. Please note that your satisfaction is our priority and we will always stay committed to providing you with the best.

Therefore, if you are dealing with us, be rest assured that you are dealing with a direct manufacturer and supplier and expect nothing but the best experience.

Looking for the best acrylic vase to beautify your home or marriage?

This vibrant transparent acrylic vase is one of the dynamic flower vases. This vase is suitable for decorating a house or marriage function. Not only that, but it can also be used to decorate a bar, hotel, and other any other anniversary

The brown/blue acrylic flower vase looks simple and will make your house look beautiful and clever as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes this will enable you to find the perfect one that will suit the function you intend to use it for. This light luxury and modern vase do not accommodate bacteria it is not porous which makes it perfect for flora arrangement. It is ready to be delivered across the globe.

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