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If you are troubled while searching for a suitable acrylic charm maker for your project, please contact JC, a professional Chinese supplier with over ten years of experience in keychain maker. We offer top-quality products, fast delivery, and favourable wholesale prices.

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Color: Unlimited colours                      Package: OPP, Bubble Bag, Paper Box
Material: Plastic、Acrylic Sheet   Thickness: 2mm、3mm、Cusotmize thick
Size: Accept Customized    Payment Method: PayPal、Western Union、T T
Sample: Yes                                        Type:  Acrylic Charm Maker
Sample Time: 5-7days       Craft: Single acrylic board+single side printing
Sample Cost: According to sample requirements         Cut: Laser Cut
Shape: Customized                        MOQ: 500
Logo: Customized Service OEM Or wholesale
Printing: CMYK+W 6 Colors Eco-friendly Ink  Format: PSD or PNG、AI

  • Send me your customized file format for AI CDR PDF
  • Choose sheet thickness and Size
  • Go ahead with the sample
  • Send out a sample for your checking
  • Last The Mass Production
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  • Shipping Way Based On Order Quantity, Volume And Weight
  • FOB Term, Shipt Your Forwarder Warehouse
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The Acrylic Charms Custom price depends On Your Project Image Size, Thickness, Quantity, And Craft Effect. Quickly Get a Quoted Price, And Send Your More Detailed Information.

acrylic keychain design ideas

Acrylic Charms Design ideas

Buyer Notice Upload PSD/PNG/PDF/AI/JPG/CDR files. Please provide CMYK colour. Need 300 resolution, 1000 pixels or more. The best file to upload is PNG transparent background or PSD format. Provide high-quality clear photos to make perfect Acrylic Charms

Custom Acrylic Charms Double Image Print Effect

Acrylic Charms double-sided printing process, the back and the back must be the same content. Double-layer pattern content, the effect is more eye-catching. The single layer of the conventional keychain is made of a 3mm thick transparent acrylic sheet, and the thickness of the double layer keychain is 2+2mm.

Acrylic Keychain Front and back
Double transparent key chain

Double Sided Acrylic Charms

Double Sided Acrylic Charms, using a shadowless adhesive bonding process, completely seamless, high-precision laser cutting to ensure no burrs.

Custom Acrylic Charms Single

3mm thick transparent single-layer Acrylic Charms UV printing, the back of the pattern usually has a white background effect.

Custom Single Clear Acrylic Charms
Custom Anime Acrylic Charms

Acrylic Charms Wholesale

JC As a professional acrylic charm wholesale supplier of acrylic key chains, JC can provide various types of key chains, and choose different boards (Transparent Sheets, Glitter Sheets, Rainbow Sheets, Epoxy Holographic Sheets, and Frosted Sheets) and crafts to meet your project requirements.

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Buyer Reviews

Custom Acrylic Charms


Acrylic Charms, also known as acrylic pendants, are a popular decorative item typically made from transparent or semi-transparent acrylic material. These pendants are loved for their exquisite designs and diverse shapes, such as anime characters, food, plants, animals, and more. They usually have a smooth surface and come with bright colours and vivid prints. Acrylic Charms can be used as keychains, phone charms, necklaces, and other fashionable accessories, as well as gifts or collectables. Due to their durable and lightweight material, Acrylic Charms are also widely used in handmade crafts, DIY projects, and other fields.

The top ten features of Acrylic Charms are as follows:
  1. Durable material: Made of acrylic, the texture is tough and not easy to break.
  2. Diverse shapes: Various shapes are available, such as circular, square, star, animal shapes, and more.
  3. Exquisite designs: With exquisite pattern designs, such as cartoon characters, food, animals, and more, it meets different aesthetic needs.
  4. Bright colours: With bright colours and printing, the patterns become more vivid and lively.
  5. Semi-transparent texture: Due to the nature of acrylic material, Acrylic Charms have a semi-transparent texture that makes them more visually appealing.
  6. Lightweight and portable: With lightweight and small size, they are easy to carry and can be used as accessories.
  7. Highly personalized: Personalized patterns and shapes can be customized to highlight individuality.
  8. Applicable to various occasions: They can be used to decorate keys, phones, handbags, and also as gifts or collectables.
  9. Reliable quality: Due to the use of high-quality acrylic material and printing technology, Acrylic Charms have reliable quality and are not easy to fade or deform.
  10. Widely applicable: In addition to being used as decorative items, Acrylic Charms are also widely used in handmade crafts, DIY projects, and other fields.
The production process of acrylic keychains can be divided into the following steps:
  • Design: According to customer needs, design the shape and pattern of the keychain and determine the material and colour.
  • Cutting: Cut the acrylic sheet into parts that meet the design requirements.
  • Engraving: Use CNC machines or laser engraving machines to engrave the designed patterns, letters, and other details on the acrylic sheet.
  • Hot bending: Process the cut acrylic sheet by hot bending to obtain the required shape for the keychain.
  • Polishing: Polish the surface of the hot-bent keychain to make it smooth and flat.
  • Assembly: Assemble the keychain parts, including key rings, hanging ropes, and other components.
  • Packaging: Package the finished keychains to ensure safety and hygiene during transportation and storage.

Overall, the production process of acrylic keychains is relatively simple, but each step needs to be precisely controlled to produce high-quality products. Meanwhile, due to the special nature of acrylic material, attention should be paid to some details in the processing and production of keychains to ensure their beauty and lifespan.


About custom acrylic keychains more questions and know check here.

FAQ About Custom Acrylic keychain – JC (

How Thick Are Your Acrylic Charms?

If you want a single-layer acrylic charm, we recommend a thickness of 3mm transparent acrylic sheet, and for a double-layer acrylic charm, the recommended thickness is 2+2mm.

Do you offer Acrylic Charm Samples?

Yes, but you need to pay some fees. The sample-making time is 5-7 days.

How Are Acrylic Charms Packaged?

We generally use transparent ziplock bags for packaging, if you have special requirements, we can also provide customized packaging services.

What Sizes And Shapes Are Offered for Acrylic Charms?

We can make acrylic charms in any shape such as round, square, etc., and can support colour printing in any colour.

Are Acrylic Charms Recyclable?

No, customized project products cannot be resold.

How to custom high-quality Acrylic Charms?

1. Determine the design and size. Provide clear design drawings or existing logos or patterns so that we can efficiently produce suitable moulds. It is also necessary to determine the size and shape of the acrylic charms.

2. Determine the material and decoration requirements. Determine the thickness and colour of the acrylic sheet to be used according to the requirements. Also consider whether special decorations such as tassels, glitter, or charms. etc. are needed on the acrylic charms.

3. Sample approval. Before formal production, we usually make one or two samples of acrylic charms? to ensure that their appearance and quality meet customer needs. Once the sample is confirmed to be correct, mass production can proceed.

4. Mass production. Once the sample is approved by the customer, we will begin mass production and arrange packaging and delivery according to customer requirements.

How to get discount prices for wholesale acrylic charms?

Generally, the more quantity ordered, the more discount you can get because we can lower costs by purchasing more raw materials and providing higher discounts. If you are able to establish a long-term stable partnership with us and have a certain amount of orders every year, you may receive higher discounts.

How long do charms take to make?

Design and produce the file. This includes producing a suitable size for each design and testing its appearance. Usually takes 1-2 days.

Make samples. Produce actual samples according to the design drawings for customer approval and confirmation. This process usually takes 3-5 days.

Mass production. Once the sample is approved by the customer, we will begin mass production. This process involves laser cutting, printing, quality inspection, packaging and other steps, and the production cycle will vary depending on the order quantity, usually taking around 7 days.

What is the difference between custom single and two-sided acrylic charms?

The main difference between a single-sided acrylic charm and a double-sided acrylic charm is whether the acrylic charm pattern is printed on both sides of the acrylic charm. A single-sided acrylic charm has only one printing surface, usually the front side, while the back side remains white. A double-sided acrylic charm has printed patterns on both sides, allowing for display on both sides. The design of a double-sided pendant can be more complex and diverse, but the cost is also higher. Although a single-sided charm is simple, the production cost is relatively low, making it an economical choice.

What is the difference between a single acrylic board and a double acrylic board?

The main difference between single-layer acrylic sheets and double-layer acrylic sheets is their construction. A single-layer acrylic sheet is made from a single layer of acrylic material, while a double-layer acrylic sheet is composed of two layers of acrylic material sandwiching a decorative layer in the middle. This decorative layer can be printed patterns, coloured paper, flocking, etc. charms? using single-layer acrylic sheets are usually printed on the back of the sheet with a protective layer coating, so you can see the clear artistic content from the front, while the back appears white. This is a very cool effect.

Double-layer acrylic sheets are more durable and sturdy than single-layer acrylic sheets, but they are also heavier. Due to the intermediate decorative layer, double-layer acrylic sheets can present more diverse colours and effects. However, the cost of double-layer acrylic sheets will also be higher and are suitable for occasions that require high-quality display effects. Although single-layer acrylic sheets are lightweight and economical, their decorative effects are relatively simple and are suitable for flat printing or basic decorative needs. Using double-layer acrylic charms? can effectively prevent scratches and damage to the product pattern content, which is a highly recommended solution.

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