Custom Acrylic Stand Figure

  • Material Thickness: 2mm to 10mm Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet
  • Size: Customized size and shape
  • Printing Design: Customized logo
  • MOQ:400pcs
  • OEM&ODM: Yes
  • Sample: Yes
  • Sample Time:5-7days
  • Sample Cost: According to sample requirements
  • Feature: High-precision laser cutting
  • Process: UV Colour Print
  • package: OPP
  • Waterproof, clear, see-through material
  • Best choice for Acrylic Stand Figure sample packing
  • Various colours to choose
  • Each bag is packed with an opp bag

Discuss your needs, request a price, and secure a fantastic value. Our customer support staff is here to help you at all times. As a wholesaler, we’ll undoubtedly provide you with incredible prices in large quantities. So why are you still waiting?

Check out our most recent personalized Acrylic standees and place your order based on your concept.

We are committed to providing the best product and best service  Also will make possible changes according to your demand.

Try to get your quote along with marketing business ideas as soon as possible. We’re offering superb rates for bulk quantities. If you are a wholesaler, This offer is perfect for you. Don’t wait because this offer will close soon!


  • Provide your logo design
  • Choose the Acrylic Stand Figure style you like
  • Artwork for checking
  • Go ahead with the sample
  • Send out a sample for your checking
  • Go ahead with the mass production
  • Sea shipping, air shipping and courier shipping
  • Shipping way based on order quantity, volume and weight
  • FOB term, ship t your forwarder warehouse
  • EXW factory, pick up cargo from our warehouse
  • DDU, ship from our warehouse to your address directly
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • T T

JC Custom Anime Acrylic Stand

(Put your brand name here) Custom Acrylic Stand Figure:

Your images are used to create your personalized acrylic cutouts! At a discount, you may get customized acrylic anime standees. This standee is ideal for promoting your brand. See our manufacturing guide for Custom Acrylic Stand Figures for more information.

Perfect for sporting events, parties, weddings, anniversaries, school projects, and get-togethers to celebrate life. We print on one or both sides of transparent acrylic sheets that are environmentally friendly. The standees’ shape, size, and style are all adjustable. Acrylic standees may be used as desktop decorations, gifts, promotions, advertisements, and more.

  • free to change the picture
  • high-definition design on both sides
  • no fading, and wear resistance
  • standard plywood
  • Multiple colour variations
  • All weathers friendly

Great Time to get amazing quality at amazing prices

Let us know if you have any more great suggestions, and we’ll do all we can to assist you in putting them into action. You can alter the packaging in addition to the customized decorating. Don’t miss out on our other products available on the site. It’s a great chance for wholesales to grab many of Our products at very reasonable pricing.

Custom Acrylic Stand Figures are a wonderful way to give your event some flare and make it more unique to your business. With so many different design options available, there is probably something that perfectly complements your special event. So why not try acrylic custom standees?

Acrylic Stand Figure Product detail Video

What is meant by Customized acrylic standees?

A great idea to give your next event more sparkle is with a Custom Acrylic Stand Figure. These custom standees are great for adding fun and charm to any event, wedding, or get-together. You’re sure to find the ideal standee for your upcoming event in various patterns and colors.

Is customizing acrylic standee a great idea for the promotion of your product?

Creating Custom Acrylic Stand Figures is often a creative and exciting process, but selecting the right type for your event is important.

Here is an idea to help you choose something that could look beautiful and fit your theme well. Consider you’re going to launch a new skincare product. You may market your product by appealing to people’s emotions.

You probably have purchased a few things after watching the advertisement with your favourite Actor or actress. The reason was that you were emotionally attached to that personality. Same approach you can use in your business too. Our Custom acrylic stands will assist you to get the attraction of clients.

You must select the role played by the public’s favourite Character and personalize an acrylic standee of the actor with your product. This is a fantastic concept for advertising!

Let’s get many customized standees at a wholesale price and set them up where your event will be. You’ll undoubtedly achieve your goals.

Types of Customize acrylic standees:

Customized acrylic standees come in various designs, each offering a unique way to promote your products or services. There is sure to be a Custom Acrylic Stand Figure that suits your needs, whether you want a simple standee for a small event or something more ornate that may make a significant impression.

The character stands, picture stands, and brand stands are a few popular types. Place an order for that type of customized acrylic standee once you’ve decided which best suits your needs. Order a large quantity of your desired & customize standee and get amazing prices.

How to select the perfect Customize acrylic standee?

Selecting the right theme for your event might be challenging, but creating Custom Acrylic Stand Figures is typically a creative and fun process. Here are some ideas to help you come up with a solution that could look beautiful and fit your theme perfectly:

  1. Determine the type of image or text you need for your standee. Do you like a plain design with only your name or business, or would you prefer something more elaborate with images and text?
  2. Choose the size you want the image or text to appear. Would you want a full banner across the length of the entrance or just a tiny logo on one side of the standee?
  3. Take into account the materials your acrylic standees will require. Will they be exhibited inside or outside? Will they be able to withstand weather conditions like rain or snow?
Why are our Custom Acrylic Stand Figures perfect?

Utilizing our personalized acrylic standees at conferences and other events has a number of benefits. Acrylic stands are ideal for usage in busy spaces since they are lightweight and easy to move. They may be tailored to complement the event’s subject and appear professional. Finally, acrylic supports are inexpensive and may be easily replaced if lost or broken.

How do orders get placed?

One of our graphic artists will get in touch with you after you place your purchase to request your photo or image. After that, our artists go over your image and, if there are any problems, get in touch with you through phone and the Email messaging service to get your permission before printing. The order will proceed to print after approval. If locating the proper photo proves challenging, processing may need 1-3 business days. High-resolution UV Cured Ink is used to print on each of our products. The order criteria are described below in simpler words:

Provide a design (you), provide a quote (me), confirm an order, and pay the cost of the mould (you). Produce art (I) > Acceptance (you) > Full or partial payment (you) > after final payment, production and shipping (me)


How to make a custom acrylic stand figure?

Custom Acrylic Stand Figures are the ideal way to express your personality and make a statement at your upcoming event! They are easy to make and may be tailored to fit your Character. Additionally, they are an effective technique to encourage interaction. Why not purchase a few for your upcoming gathering? In this article, we’ll review the purpose of acrylic stand figures, how to make a custom acrylic stand figure and where to buy it at the wholesale rate. So, let’s dive deep into further reading.

The structure, size, & shape are all adjustable. Acrylic standees may be used as gifts, décor, and even anime toys. Both the color and the picture remain intact for a long time. So, if you’re planning a memorable event, you may dazzle your guests by ordering many customized standees at a wholesale price.

You must print on one or both sides of transparent acrylic sheets that are environmentally friendly. The standees’ shape, size, and style are all changeable. Acrylic standees can be used for desktop decorations, gifts, promotions, and advertising.

If you don’t want to make it by yourself, leave this task on us! Just let us know about your theme and specifications. We’ll try our best to make a great custom acrylic stand figure for you in a minimum time with superb quality and design.

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