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Online Order for Wholesale liquid keychain? JC has a wide range of liquid keychain types for all projects. With factory wholesale price, minimize the cost of your project.JC has a team of excellent engineers who can realize all your design ideas, send your inquiry and get a free professional quote.

  • LOW MOQ:100pcs
  • Online Wholesale Customized
  • OEM &ODM
  • Product Name: Quicksand Liquid Keychains
  •  Thickness: Single-layer or double-layer
  • Size: Customized Size And Shape
  • Printing: Double-sided same design, Double sided different design
  • Acrylic: Transparent Sheet, Colour Sheet
  • Sample: Yes(5-10days)
  • Process: Laser Cutting, CNC Cutting
  • Package: Free OPP, Bubble Bag, Or Custom Paper Box Packaging
  • Send me your customized file format for AI CDR PDF
  • Choose sheet thickness and Size
  • Go ahead with the sample
  • Send out a sample for your checking
  • Last The Mass Production
  • Please Upload PSD/PNG/PDF/AI/JPG/CDR file.
  •  Please provide CMYK colour.
  •  Need 300 resolution, 1000 pixels or more.
  •  The best file to upload is a PNG transparent background or PSD format.
wholesale Liquid Quicksand Keychain

Liquid Quicksand Keychain

The Liquid Quicksand Keychain is a unique keychain design that cleverly combines acrylic material with liquid sand crafting technology, hence the name “Liquid Quicksand Keychain.” In the process of crafting this keychain, we employ advanced liquid quicksand crafting techniques to seamlessly integrate liquid sand into the acrylic structure, imparting a vibrant effect of liquid quicksand movement to the overall keychain design.

Liquid Keychain Diy

Personalized custom services, quickly bringing your ideas to life.

We support customized designs in any size, shape, colour, and theme for keychains.

  • Cartoon anime themes
  • Brand logo keychains
  • Colourful full CMYK printing
  • Company holiday promotions
Liquid Keychain Diy

Our Customer Example

Liquid Quicksand Crafted Effect Detail Display

Product Design Structure

Product Design Structure



Artwork Design Renderings

Simple or transparent background patterns are ideal for the file. With such photos, we can create keychains in any shape according to your needs. However, for complex background patterns, we can only produce keychains in shapes like squares, circles, rectangles etc.

Design File

Size Reference

JC offer the most commonly used reference size ratios, and you can customize any size you want. The maximum length of the finished product is determined by the edges of the acrylic keychain artwork you design.

Size Comparison

Cutting & Board

Cutting & Board

Single-board and Double board

Single Board and Double board

Surface protective film to avoid scratches

Surface protective film to avoid scratches

Choose Accessory

Keychain Charm accessories



If it is a wholesale purchase, we can customize the packaging with your brand logo, which will add an additional fee.

Buyer Reviews

Buyer Reviews

What is the liquid in keychains?

The liquid used in the keychain is white mineral oil, which is a non-toxic and odourless safety material. It is completely safe for children and direct contact, causing no harm to the body. White mineral oil is a lightweight mineral oil with stability and good fluidity, making it an ideal filling material for liquid keychains.

To ensure product quality and safety, the surroundings of the liquid keychain undergo a complete sealing process. This sealing treatment not only protects the liquid from external environmental impacts but also helps prevent oil leakage around the edges. Therefore, users can confidently use this liquid keychain, enjoying the pleasure brought by its fun and unique design without worrying about any potential health or safety issues.

This design not only emphasizes the practicality of the product but also highlights user experience and safety. The liquid keychain, with its exquisite design and safe material selection, provides users with a stylish, enjoyable, and worry-free user experience.

What do you carry on your keychain?

Our keychains are not only everyday accessories but also a form of personalized fashion statement. The uniqueness lies in our emphasis on providing consumers with a range of personalized accessories. These accessories include personalized acrylic pendants, nail clippers, compasses, whistles, and other practical tools.

When an ordinary consumer’s keys feature a personalized acrylic pendant with your brand logo, it serves not only as a distinctive decoration but also as a vibrant showcase of your brand. This acrylic pendant becomes a representative symbol of the brand, maximizing consumer awareness of our brand.

This personalized design not only makes consumers feel unique and stylish in their daily use but also creates a profound impression of the brand. Through this visual brand display, we can establish a strong sense of brand identity in the minds of consumers, thereby increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases in the future. This clever brand promotion method is expected to indirectly boost sales in our business model, laying a solid foundation for the brand’s long-term development.

How do you ship the goods?

We typically use EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT for shipping. If your order is extremely urgent, please notify our customer service, and we will provide you with the most suitable express delivery option to meet your time requirements.

How to custom your liquid quicksand keychain?
  1. When sending an inquiry, please ensure to provide the following key information: the size of the liquid keychain, the desired quantity, relevant photos, the artistic effect you wish to achieve, and the destination country for shipping.
  2. Upon receiving your inquiry, we will promptly initiate discussions on the details of the merchandise to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and expectations.
  3. After discussing the details of the merchandise, you will receive our detailed quotation within a short 24-hour period. This quotation will include the prices for all specifications and requirements you have provided.
  4. We look forward to your response for further discussion, adjustments, or confirmation of your order.
  5. Once you approve our quotation, we will commence the production of the customized liquid keychain sample order. During this stage, we will discuss payment methods with you, and the production of samples typically takes 5-10 days based on your requirements.
  6. Upon completion of sample production, we will email you photos and videos of the product. For particularly large orders, we can also opt to use a commercial courier to directly send the samples to you, facilitating your personal inspection of the product quality.
  7. We look forward to your acceptance of the sample results. If you confirm the quality is satisfactory, we will proceed with bulk production according to your order requirements. We assure timely delivery to meet your needs and expectations.
What is the liquid quicksand keychain feature?

A liquid quicksand keychain typically refers to a keychain containing a visually appealing, dynamic liquid or gel-like substance that moves within the keychain.

– Enchanting visual effect

– Transparent and durable

– Rich colour elements

Why is JC your project best-chosen shaker keychain manufacturer?

JC is a professional acrylic craft manufacturer with a factory spanning over 1000 square meters and equipped with multiple automated processing devices. As leading experts in the production of liquid sand keychains, we have a profound understanding of our customers’ needs. While there may be cheaper manufacturers in the market, please be aware of the quality and effects of the products. Low-quality items may result in endless after-sales issues and a poor experience with personalized customization services.

Our liquid sand keychains feature clear patterns, vibrant colors, a short production cycle, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery. Our robust quality control department ensures that our products are free from any leakage issues. We are committed to providing excellent quality and comprehensive services to ensure customers have a worry-free shopping experience.

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