FAQ About Custom Acrylic keychain

1. What is an acrylic keychain?

An acrylic keychain is a type of keychain made of transparent and sturdy acrylic material that can be used to attach keys, ID cards, and other items together.

2. What are the advantages of acrylic keychains?

The advantages of acrylic keychains include their lightweight, high transparency, easy-to-clean surface, and strong durability. In addition, they can be made in various shapes and sizes and can feature personalized designs.

3. How should acrylic keychains be cleaned and maintained?

You can gently wipe acrylic keychains with a soft cloth or cotton. Avoid using cleaners containing alcohol or alkaline substances as they may cause damage to the acrylic material.

4. Can acrylic keychains be customized?

Yes, acrylic keychains can be customized. You can add your favourite designs, texts, or logos to them. Contact the manufacturer for more information about customizing acrylic keychains.

5. What is the recommended thickness of acrylic sheet for custom-made keychains?

Generally, 2mm to 3mm thick acrylic sheets are recommended for custom-made keychains.  2mm thick acrylic sheet is suitable for making small and lightweight keychains, while a 3mm thick acrylic sheet is suitable for making larger and heavier keychains. However, the specific thickness also depends on the shape and size of the keychain, as well as the customer’s personalized needs.

6. How long does it take to receive a custom-made acrylic keychain?

The production and delivery time depends on your custom requirements and order quantity. Generally, the production time takes 3-7 working days. With shipping time included, the entire process may take 1-2 weeks. If you require an urgent order, please contact us to confirm the feasibility and additional fees.

7. How long can an acrylic keychain last?

An acrylic keychain can last for a long time depending on its usage and maintenance. If properly cared for and cleaned, they can last for years.

8. Is an acrylic keychain prone to scratches?

Acrylic keychains are more durable than glass but can still develop scratches. It’s best to avoid rubbing them against other hard objects to reduce the risk of scratches.

9. What are the uses of an acrylic keychain?

An acrylic keychain is great for corporate gifts, promotional items, and souvenirs. They can also serve as special occasion gifts such as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and wedding favours.

10. What is the price range of an acrylic keychain?

The price of an acrylic keychain depends on factors such as size, shape, customization requirements, and order quantity. Generally, they are more affordable than metal or leather keychains.

11. What shapes and sizes are available for an acrylic keychain?

Acrylic keychains can be made in various shapes and sizes, including round, square, heart-shaped, star-shaped, and more. You can choose any shape and size that fits your needs.

12. How can I order an acrylic keychain?

You can send an inquiry via email, and we will respond to your request within 48 working hours. Please provide a clear, high-quality CMYK photo, detailed dimensions, order quantity, and the country of destination for shipping so we can provide an accurate price quote based on your information.

13. What types of effects can we create on acrylic keychains?

JC can create various effects on acrylic keychains, including transparent, frosted, laser, liquid sand, and glitter effects.

14. Does each keychain have a protective film on its surface?

Yes, each keychain made by us comes with a protective film on its surface, which can effectively prevent damage during transportation.

15. Why do the colours vary? Will there be colour differences?

The colour of acrylic keychains may vary due to factors such as lighting, monitor settings, and material batches. We will try our best to select accurate colours, but cannot guarantee 100% colour matching.

16. What are the requirements for producing keychains?

We require high-quality, clear CMYK format images with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. If needed, we can provide technical support for keychain design and production.

17. How to make edgeless keychains?

To make edgeless keychains, laser cutting technology is used to precisely cut the acrylic material into the desired shape. We can provide this service, and clients need to provide a vector file of the desired shape, such as EPS or AI format.

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