Flame Polishing Craft Acrylic process

Any machined edges of acrocast and acrylic glass can be polished back to give a high-gloss finish by various methods. This finish of the manufactured product presents them in a professional and premium manner. The most commonly used method is flame polishing using a blow torch to carefully heat the cut edges to the point where they started to melt.

This method gives excellent results but requires a degree of skill to heat the material evenly at just the required temperature without burning it or causing crazing. Overheating will also create stress on the material which will weaken it.

The time taken to achieve a polished finish is depending on the area to be polished and the distance between the flame and the workpiece. The flame should be kept moving to heat the material gently and evenly.

It is recommended that the practice won’t be carried out on scrap material before tackling a machined component. Mechanical polishing is also possible with either buffing or diamond polishing machines.

With both processes, care must be taken together to get the right combination of speed and quality so overheating does not take place. Both these processes induce less stress than already shown and achieve the highest quality edge.

Diamond polishing is ideal for multiple stacks of components and provides an outstanding finish as can be seen here. However, it is important that the correct machine speed is set to avoid overheating. Please check with your machinery manufacturer for the recommended settings.

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