Lucite Trays Wholesale

  • Size: Custom Size and Shape
  • Colour: Transparent Acrylic
  • Printing: CMYK UV Pringting
  • Material: Acrylic plate, Plexiglass Sheet
  • Thickness:3mm-5mm
  • Sample: Yes
  • Sample Time: 5-7days
  • Sample Cost: According to sample requirements
  • MOQ:500-1000pcs
  • Process: Pure handwork
  • Package: Bubble bag, Paper box
  • Custom Size, OEM & ODM
  • Clear plexiglass acrylic tray ornament
  • Custom Shapes And Colour, Print Logo
  • Living Room, Bedroom, Cupboard, Tea set
  • Highly transparent, environmentally friendly recyclable acrylic sheet
  • Sea Shipping, Air Shipping And Courier Shipping
  • Shipping Way Based On Order Quantity, Volume And Weight
  • FOB Term, Shipt Your Forwarder Warehouse
  • EXW Factory, Pick Up Cargo From Our Warehouse
  • DDU, Ship From Our Warehouse To Your Address Directly

The price of customized products depends on various factors such as the materials, size, shape, thickness, design complexity, order quantity, destination country’s customs duties, and transportation costs, etc. Generally, compared to standard products, customized products are more competitive and unique because the manufacturing process requires more labour, time, and resources. The price of customized products is customized based on various factors and varies for each project. Therefore, customers should contact us as soon as possible to obtain an accurate price estimate.

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Lucite Trays Wholesale

Transparent acrylic trays are a high-quality type of tray made from high-grade acrylic materials. These trays typically have high transparency and high gloss and can be used to showcase jewellery, perfume bottles, cosmetics, and other delicate items. These trays can also be used in food service and gift shops to display and protect cakes, chocolates, candies, and other food and gifts.

Wholesale acrylic trays can help buyers lower their costs as they can be purchased in bulk and receive better pricing. These trays are typically sold in various shapes and sizes to fit a range of commercial needs. Buyers can also customize the trays to fit their specific use and style requirements.

Wholesale acrylic trays are a practical and high-quality commercial tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including showcasing jewellery, perfume bottles, cosmetics, food, and gifts. Buyers can save costs by purchasing wholesale and customising the trays to fit their specific use and brand image.

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