Neon Acrylic Tray

  • Product Name: neon acrylic tray
  • Size: 11×17.4×5.5cm,4.3×6.6×5.5in
  • Colour:  Clear, Transparent
  • Material: Acrylic plate, PMMA Sheet
  • Thickness:3mm-5mm
  • Weight:0.8-1.5kg
  • Sample: Yes
  • Sample time:7-9days
  • Sample Cost: According to sample requirements
  • Process: Hand pieced
  • Package: Bubble bag, Paper Box
  • Custom Size, 30.4×30.4×6.6cm ,12x12x2.6in , OEM & ODM
  • Material: Acrylic Sheet, Plastic Sheet, Plexiglass Sheet, Lucite Sheet
  • Food Safety Grade Neon Acrylic Tray
  • Rectangle, Square, Circle
  • Food grade plastic, tasteless, non-toxic, corrosion resistant, low-temperature resistance
  • Hotel, restaurant service tray, daily household, dessert to prevent storage, file storage
  • Send me your customized file format for AI CDR PDF
  • Choose sheet thickness and Size
  • Go ahead with the sample
  • Send out a sample for your checking
  • Last The Mass Production
  • Sea Shipping, Air Shipping And Courier Shipping
  • Shipping Way Based On Order Quantity, Volume And Weight
  • FOB Term, Shipt Your Forwarder Warehouse
  • EXW Factory, Pick Up Cargo From Our Warehouse
  • DDU, Ship From Our Warehouse To Your Address Directly

The price of customized products depends on various factors such as the materials, size, shape, thickness, design complexity, order quantity, destination country’s customs duties, and transportation costs, etc. Generally, compared to standard products, customized products are more competitive and unique because the manufacturing process requires more labour, time, and resources. The price of customized products is customized based on various factors and varies for each project. Therefore, customers should contact us as soon as possible to obtain an accurate price estimate.

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Custom Neon Acrylic Tray


The Neon Acrylic Tray is a unique accessory that has gained popularity for its vibrant and dazzling appearance. With its vivid neon effect, it injects a touch of fantasy and colour into your living space, captivating the hearts of many enthusiasts.

Crafted from high-quality acrylic material, this tray boasts a sturdy yet lightweight structure, making it easy to carry and use. Its smooth surface exhibits a distinctive shine, offering a delicate and comfortable touch, while evoking a modern and stylish feel.

Combining artistic beauty with practicality, the Neon Acrylic Tray is a premium item that brings a hint of enchantment and unique charm to your life. Whether for personal use or as a gift for loved ones, this tray will become a special token, bringing endless surprises and joy to every user.


Neon Glow: The tray showcases stunning neon glow effects that add a unique radiance to your dining table.

Acrylic Material: Made from high-quality acrylic, the tray is sturdy, durable, and offers excellent longevity.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted, the tray features a smooth and flawless surface, with a delicate texture that exudes an air of elegance.

Versatility: Apart from serving food, the tray can also be used as a decorative piece to enhance the artistic ambience of any space.

Vibrant Colors: With a wide range of vibrant colour options, you can choose according to your personal preferences and the occasion.

Translucent Texture: The tray’s translucent texture adds depth and liveliness to the items placed on it, creating a three-dimensional effect.

Heat and Waterproof: Designed with heat and waterproof properties, the tray is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to confidently display hot dishes, frozen treats, fruits, and more.

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