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JC brings the perfect packaging solutions for storing and displaying your boots and shoes.

  • A wide range of acrylic shoe boxes
  • Highest-quality digital printing
  • Custom-build design and sizes
  • Cost-effective and faster shipping
  • Low MOQ 400pcs/customized design
  • Sample time 5-7days

JC Clear Plastic Shoes Boxes Manufacturing expert

We help you build customizable luxury shoe boxes to help your stand out and give your products a professional appeal. Our high-end customized acrylic and plastic shoe boxes from JC are elegant, stronger, and completely personalized as per your unique requirements. You can use them for storing expensive sneakers, high heels, and boots, including designer shoes, and display them proudly in your showroom to grab more eyeballs from visitors.

Our custom acrylic shoe boxes offer several benefits over traditional cardboard boxes. They are great for personal/commercial storage and display. Above all, they are great for protecting your precious shoes from all sorts of environmental factors like dust, debris, mould, mildew, moisture, rodents, etc.

Our wide range of options includes 100% transparent acrylic shoeboxes with lids, shoeboxes with magnetic lids, shoeboxes with drawers, shoeboxes with designer racks, and more. Just tell us how you want your products to be or provide your design, and we will get it done within a promised timeframe and limited budget.

Plastic Shoe Boxes Series

Black plastic PE dustproof stackable shoe box

Showcase your sneakers and other footwear with a stylish black plastic shoe box with a clear door.

Acrylic home basketball shoes dust-proof and moisture-proof storage shoe box

The drop-front shoe box lets you immediately see your shoes and take them out without unstacking the boxes.

PP Plastic Acrylic Display Box

Heavy-duty stackable side drop boxes come with a stylish and glossy design with strong magnets for closure.

Clear shoe boxes with lower flip cover with invisible snap design. They are easy to install and dismantle and make the surrounding more inviting.

Plexiglass transparent shoe box

Lightweight and easy-to-handle acrylic shoe boxes are durable, scratch resistant, and look awesome for years.

Custom-made acrylic shoe boxes with magnetic doors can be used more than 10000 times. No need to push hard to close the door every time.

JC Acrylic Shoe Boxes Advantage

Years of experience, quality assured
Years of experience, quality assured

Strictly follow production standards

Wholesale support customization
Wholesale support customization

A variety of materials, and process options

Professional equipment, strict production control
Professional equipment, strict production control

Guarantee product quality

Professional customer service, considerate after-sales
Professional customer service, considerate after-sales

One-on-one customer service to solve problems

JC Custom Plastic Shoe Boxes

We bring a wide range of exclusive custom plastic shoe boxes and racks with a variety of designs, patterns, finishes, and specifications. These shoe boxes can be used for storing shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, and other footwear in a well-organized manner. We also have shoe boxes with drawers that allow you to keep shoe polish, brush, and other products & accessories within reach.

All products are made from high-quality acrylic raw material and available in various shapes such as square, round, oval, rectangular, etc. We also allow you to choose your favourite color, from clear designs to tinted or solid colors. We manufacture OEM & ODM orders, allowing you to integrate your brand, logo, and design into the product.

JC Custom Plastic Shoe Boxes
Plastic Shoe Boxes Flat Artwork Drawing File

Plastic Shoe Boxes Manufacturer Flat Artwork Drawing File

We manufacture OEM/ODM plastic shoe boxes according to our customer’s drawings. We also have our personalized collection of factory-made products. We have a strong communication team to discuss with you regarding product details such as material requirements, specifications, quality standards, shipping arrangements, and lead time.

Send us your requirement or artwork drawing file. Else, you can submit your requirements such as product size, unit weight, target quantity, target market, etc. Our R&D department will draw a design as per your photo or requirement. Along with that, our sales team will discuss the drawing with you. After your approval for the final design, our quotation team will determine the right cost and send it to you.

JC Custom Shoes Boxes Project Case

Shoe box magnetic transparent blue ball shoe box acrylic

We delivered bulk orders for 400 transparent acrylic shoe boxes for the Richi shoe store with the dimensions of 13 x 7.5 x 4. The order was for 120 rectangular-shaped boxes with a front-drop design. It has stackable properties with perforation for proper ventilation. Manufacturing the whole order took 15 days, and we shipped within 24 hours.

Household magnetic suction side door storage shoe box acrylic plastic

Proud of completing a bulk order of 500 rigid acrylic shoe boxes with side-drop transparent doors. The client requested three custom shapes- rectangular, square, and oval to display oversized sneakers and boots. The base was solid black acrylic with a transparent side-drop and transparent strap. Received the design and completed the order in 15 days.

Acrylic Storage Box Transparent Shoe Box Magnetic

Made 600 orders of ultra-clear luxury acrylic shoe boxes with custom-fit lids with ventilated openings. These luxury acrylic shoe boxes are great for displaying premium and limited edition footwear. Each box was custom designed and polished to perfection using modern technology. Our presented boxes are highly valued in the market for their unique attributes like excellent quality, high load-bearing capacity, glossy finish, and accurate size.

Acrylic side opening magnetic absorption shoe cabinet

Just delivered 400 units of free-standing acrylic shoe display racks to the GenX shoe emporium. These 5 shelves acrylic shoe racks are manufactured by our most qualified and experienced professionals with the assistance of ultra-modern machinery. Each rack is made in accordance with global standards, which means they are incredibly stylish, durable, spacious, and UV resistant. These wall-mount racks are widely demanded in shopping malls, stores, commercial spaces, and residential properties.

acrylic display cabinet shoe storage box

Clients needed a unique design to store and display multiple shoes like hi-tops, heels, sneakers, slippers, etc. Our designers planned these multiuse stackable shoe boxes with side-drop designs and magnetic hinges. These allow you to take the shoes out of the box without unstacking the whole racks. Plus, the magnetic hinges made it easier to close and open the box with a gentle push.

JC: Your Trusted Plastic Shoe Boxes Manufacturer

JC is your custom luxury shoe box manufacturer covering your every packaging need. We offer you ample branding options. You can add your logo embossed or debossed, printed, foil stamped, etc., on the box. You can use options such as two-piece boxes or boxes with magnetic closure or hinged lids, befitting your unique requirements.

JC Professional Acrylic Shoe Boxes Manufacturing Factory

  • “We are a new customer to the JC manufacturing after we decide to move from our incumbent supplier of many years. I am really impressed by the professionalism and creativity of their team. They offer a personal touch, and never ever I have experienced a single incident of lack of communication.”

  • “JC keeps surprising us with their top-notch job. We have been working with JC for the last 3 years, and they have always delivered exactly what we need. An absolute team of fantastic, friendly, and hardworking people. Thanks from all of us.”

  • “A company with ethical people. I only need a few boxes, but they treat us like a big client. I didn’t have my own design, so their team showed me a huge catalogue of designs and helped me pick the right one after understanding my needs. I recommend supporting a business like this, which is great for what they do and, above all, great with every client.”

  • “Very qualified and helpful team. They offer fully customized shoe boxes and went the extra mile to make sure we were able to get what we needed. The custom packaging is high quality, shipping is faster, and the price is way cheaper than the market. Many, many thanks!.”

    Calvin,South Korea

JC Professional Acrylic Shoe Boxes wholesale in China

JC manufactures and supplies a wide range of acrylic shoe boxes tailor-made as per your particular packing requirements. Our professionals manufacture these shoe boxes in compliance with the latest market and fashion standards using advanced machinery. With an appealing design and ultra-modern finish, our acrylic shoe boxes are in high demand in the market. As a professional acrylic shoe box wholesaler in china, JC ships and delivers professional-grade acrylic/plastic shoeboxes in bulk quantities at affordable prices.

Our clear acrylic shoe boxes are secured to the base and protect your shoes and other valuables from dust, moisture, bad odour, rodents, mildew, moulds, etc. Available in customizable shapes, sizes, and designs, our personalized acrylic shoe boxes add value to your prized shoes and collectables. We use high-end raw materials that offer crystal-clear transparency and better optical clarity than glass.

If you want to display your new sneakers, designer high heels, pure-leather boots, or limited collections of shoes at your house or showroom to grab everyone’s attention, contact us today.

  • OEM/ODM Manufacturing is available
  • Eye-catching design and flawless finish manufactured with high-quality materials and technology
  • Add your company logo with silk screening, printing, engraving, hot stamping, UV printing, etc.
  • Custom size accepted
  • All shapes acceptable, round, square, oval, rectangular, unique
  • Custom manufacturing- send us your design, and we will manufacture it

JC Packaging takes pride in catering unbeatable packaging solutions with unfettered customer services. We have the most advanced technology, such as screen, offset, and digital printing, to deliver superior designs and elegant products. With a motto to satisfy each and every client, we focus on actively listening to our clients than enforcing our opinions. We ensure the final products we deliver is entirely in accord with the specifications provided by our clients. If you need our experienced designers’ help to plan a unique shoe box, you can ask us for that as well. We will be happy to assist you at every step.

Acrylic Shoe Boxes Product Detailed

item value
 Name JC
Place of Origin China
Thickness 3mm to 5mm thick
Type  Shoe Boxes
Feature High transmittance, low turbidity, excellent weather resistant, high temperature resistance
Product name Plastic Acrylic Shoe Boxes
Color Transparent
Material Plastic  Plexiglass Sheet
Size customized
Design Accept Custom Designs
Sample time 7-10days
MOQ 400pcs
Packing 1pc/opp Bag
Why choose acrylic shoe boxes?

Acrylic shoe boxes have several advantages over traditional cardboard boxes. Besides maintaining shoes, they are highly flexible for any use, including storing or placing shoes without limitations. They are great for fashion enthusiasts and showroom owners who want to show off or neatly display their beautiful shoes.

Owning multiple pairs of shoes and keeping them in excellent condition is a matter of pride and concern for shoe lovers. Acrylic shoe boxes are designed with breathable and moisture-proof effect effects. Some come with ventilated holes to prevent mold in shoes. Plus, adding anti-fungal pads ensures your shoes remain in great condition for a long time.

Keeping shoes out in the open can invite insects and animals to build nests inside them. Keeping them in acrylic boxes will safeguard them. Acrylic shoe boxes are moisture and mildew-resistant, protecting shoes made of sensitive materials like pure leather from damage.

Another problem with shoes is that they tend to change shape as time passes. Storing your shoes in acrylic boxes ensures the shape of the shoes remains intact. When you store a single pair of shoes individually in a box, instead of crowding them with other pairs, the shoes will remain fresh and looks clean.

What types of acrylic shoe boxes are there?

Some common types of acrylic shoe boxes are:

  • Acrylic Shoe Box with Lid
  • Acrylic Magnetic Shoe Box
  • Acrylic Shoe Box with Drawer

Acrylic Shoe Boxes with lid

An acrylic shoe box is a storage device that keeps your shoes clean and organized, making them last longer than possible. The currently produced acrylic shoe boxes with lids by JC manufacturer come in various varieties and designs. A standard acrylic shoe box comprises a premium-grade ultra-clear acrylic body with a custom-fit lid. It is laser cut with ventilated openings on opposite sides, allowing proper oxygen flow. This unique design preserves your shoe’s life and protects them for years.

Acrylic Magnetic Shoe Boxes

Acrylic magnetic shoe boxes come with reinforced frames to offer more stability. Besides its cool transparent design, it includes interlocking technology and a magnetic cover. This seals the box and prevents dust and debris from getting inside. We ensure the box is not affected by mildew, dust, and odours while providing an excellent background to showcase your amazing collection while saving your storage space.

Acrylic Shoe Box with Drawer

These are Custom manufactured acrylic shoe boxes that include a drawer underneath the box. It allows you to store your shoes on the top and other objects like stationary, jewellery, small tools, coins, pen drivers, etc., on the bottom. You can place them on the surface of the desk or closet or mount them on the wall.

What factors to check while buying an acrylic shoe box?

Some factors to check before buying acrylic shoe boxes:

Consider your shoe’s size

While a standard acrylic shoe box can store any size of shoes, if you want to store oversized shoes or shoes with high heels, you may check the box size before ordering. The best thing about JC shoe box manufacturing is that we manufacture custom-made shoe boxes as per the unique need of our clients.

Check the design of the shoe box

Some shoe boxes are built differently for specific purposes, such as acrylic shoe boxes with drawers. Some come with top lids, while others include magnetic lids on the front of the box. With so much variety and sizes at your disposal, you should consider buying the right product to befitting your needs.

Buy with ventilated holes

Breathability is the most important factor in keeping your shoes fresh and lasting for longer. Storing shoes in traditional cardboard boxes with no oxygen flow can lead to dampness, mold, and moisture build-up. Besides, we also recommend adding some anti-fungal pads or silica packets to keep your shoe odor-free.

Consider the price 

Acrylic shoe boxes are small storage devices. They are not very expensive compared to a whole shoe cabinet set. The prices of shoe boxes can differ based on their build quality, materials used, shipping costs, weight, design, etc.

JC acrylic shoe box manufacturing company has been in the business for decades. We do everything under one roof, from procuring raw materials at a cheaper price to manufacturing and distributing high-end acrylic shoe boxes. We manufacture lightweight yet durable and fashionable, costing you way less than you pay other dealers.

What are the ideal Dimensions of an acrylic Shoebox?

Acrylic shoe boxes are available in different sizes. You can custom order them as per the size of your shoes.

The ideal dimension of an acrylic shoebox for:

End User Size in inches Size in centimetres
Women 13 x 7.5 x 4 33 x 19 x 10
Men 14 x 10 x 5 35 x 25 x 13
Kids 7 x 5 x 2 18 x 13 x 5

Women’s Shoeboxes

Shoe boxes for women are usually smaller in size as they generally have smaller feet than men. Most acrylic shoeboxes for women usually come about 13 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and 4 inches tall. However, sizes can differ if the display item has high heels. In such cases, you may need a taller box.

Men’s Shoeboxes

Shoe boxes for men are larger than for women. The average size of a men’s feet falls between 6.8 inches to 10 inches worldwide. However, the number is 11 inches in the USA. Since the shoe box should be larger than the actual size of the shoes, the average dimensions of men’s acrylic shoe boxes are 14 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 4 inches tall.

Again, different brands of shoes use different-sized boxes, so a standard-size box may not fits all. Similarly, if most of your shoes are small-sized, then purchasing large-sized boxes will cost extra and take up unnecessary space. The best way is to check the shoes’ size and order them custom-made to save space and money.

Why does a business need customized acrylic Shoe Boxes?

Custom-made acrylic shoe boxes are an elegant way to increase your shoes’ purchase value in the market. These super stylish and sturdy boxes draw your customers’ attention to your store.

There are several kinds of foot available in the market, ranging from casual to formal to party wear and many more. You need different types of storage based on your footwear type. Suppose you put a formal shoe on a fancy box; it won’t look great.

That’s why you need specific and custom-made acrylic shoe boxes to ensure the packaging matches the product. Moreover, stylish acrylic boxes have more room for decoration. For instance, you can add ribbons to them to grab more attention. You can add labels. Your company logo and your information enhance your brand.

They are the best way to boost your brand in the market. Whether you run a shoe store or are an influencer who wants to promote your huge collection, a stylish and elegant shoe box with your personal logo, name, and even signature will certainly grab your audience’s attention.

Custom shoe boxes are made with high quality and stylish clear material that rapidly enhances your footwear’s appearance. You can select creative designs, sizes, and styles to make your shoebox design more prominent and boost your sales significantly.

Are plastic shoe boxes better than cardboard boxes?

Plastic or acrylic shoe boxes are new-age storages for your shoes that keep them from damage and enhance their longevity. However, are they better than cardboard shoe boxes? The short answer is Yes. They are durable, elegant, long-lasting, and bring more brand value.


Cardboard boxes are usually manufactured with two layers of paper made from a corrugated paper plump. The longevity of cardboard boxes depends on the environment, as they are susceptible to moisture, fire, vermin, and mould.

Plastic or acrylic boxes can last up to 400 years. They are strong and lightweight. Plus, they are 100% resistant to moisture, mould, dust, debris, and rodents.


Stacking shoes in cardboard boxes can be damaging. You may stack them effectively up to 3 layers; anything beyond that requires a shelving unit.

While shoes stacked in cardboard boxes get stampeded, acrylic boxes are capable of supporting their own weight and can be stacked safely. Plus, plastic boxes can be moulded with different varieties, such as adding magnetic lids, interlocking grooves, drawers under the box, etc., providing more options.


Plastic or acrylic shoe boxes will cost you less compared to cardboard. This is because cardboard boxes are heavy, which can lead to greater transportation costs. For instance, if you pay for shipping 100kg items, you will be able to ship more plastic or acrylic shoe boxes compared to cardboard boxes.

Is there a minimum quantity to qualify for an order?

Contact our designing team and provide us with your specifications, such as the box’s length, width, and depth. You also need to mention special features like the thickness of the material, colour, design, and layout.

Indicate the sides you want any printed design or logo. You need the logo on the interior, exterior, or on both sides.

Choose the quantity of the order. If you need, you can order 1 sample box to see if the specs match your requirement.

After careful consideration and discussion, we will provide you with the final design for approval along with the quote.

After your approval, we will move ahead with the production and ship them to you as earliest as possible.

Note: The standard production time for bulk quantities is from 15 to 20 days. We will ship the product after this period. Meanwhile, you will stay in contact with our team to ensure your orders are processed and done as discussed.

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