What are Acrylic Crafts?

In the home, the decorative effect of acrylic handicrafts is very good, with a variety of colours, which can create different effects. In addition to the transparency similar to glass, the acrylic sheet has an excellent sense of colour, but compared with other materials, the cost of acrylic is slightly higher, but its colour type, colour type and hardness are higher than glass. The origin and life of acrylic handicrafts create a value higher than life.
The advantages of acrylic handicrafts are also mostly the advantages of other acrylic products:

  • Good shape, not easy to break

Compared with the commonly used glass and ordinary plastic products on the market, the advantages of the new material acrylic are very obvious.

  • Good transmittance, strong resistance and good plasticity

Compared with ordinary plastic materials, the transmittance of acrylic is yes, and the transmittance of transparent acrylic sheets is even better than that of glass. Compared with traditional materials such as glass, the advantages of acrylic are even more prominent, of which strong resistance is the most obvious advantage. It is said that in some countries, legislation has made it clear that the window glass of children’s playgrounds will be replaced by acrylic sheets, precisely because of its strong resistance and not easy to break.

  • Easy to process

Acrylic can be softened and shaped at 180°C, and can be shaped when the temperature is cooled to room temperature.

  • Lightweight

Acrylic materials are less dense than glass and much lighter than materials of the same volume.

  • Good oxidation resistance, not easy to deform and discolour
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